Pakistani trolls need a topic to pass their week with their dragging tweet threads and near-to-obsession meme culture! And the realization clearly vanishes that sometimes this habit can hurt people and their feelings. Celebrities tend to be the victims of it on a wider scale and this time it’s Mashal Khan along with Ali Ansari and Saboor Aly.

Mashal Khan and Ali Ansari

Like some people who are happy for them and sending out love and wishes to the recently engaged couple, a few people found that news a shock. Since Mashal Khan is out of the picture now. People who didn’t know showed their disappointment. The couple dated for a while and they were all over each other Instagram accounts.

About Mashal Khan

Mashal Khan is a Pakistani television actress and model. She made her debut as a television actress in the 2018 sitcom series, Suno Chanda. She gained popularity by playing the role of ‘Kinza’ in the serial which became a breakthrough for her acting career.

The couple started dating a few years ago and they were very close,

About Ali Ansari?

Hailing from Lahore, Ali Ansari is a Pakistani actor, model, musician, and video jockey. Born to Momin Ansari’s family, he began his career as an RJ for the hit radio show “Dude, where’s my song?” and then became a model.

Mashal Khan clears the air about Saboor Aly’s engagement

While talking about her breakup Mashal said that people follow celebrity couples and get really “invested” but when they break up, these things are so personal and something people can’t understand. Breakups are not always violent and aggressive.

About Saboor Aly

Saboor Aly is a Pakistani TV actress, and the younger sister of actress Sajal Aly, she began her acting career with a supporting role with her sister in the family drama Mehmoodabad Ki Malkain (2011) but garnered attention and praise with a comic role in the sitcom Mr. Shamim (2015).

No one really knows the reason for their breakup, but they simply unfollowed each other one day. And also removed their pictures together from the feed. To confirm the relationship status Mashal Khan commented on her Instagram live. Apparently, the actress confessed to having thrown out much “trash” (kachra) from her life recently. BRUTAL!

Mashal broke the silence over Ali Ansari and Saboor Aly’s engagement

Actor Mashal Khan who previously dated Ali Ansari broke her silence over Ali Ansari and Saboor Aly’s engagement. Khan congratulated Saboor Aly and posted it on her Instagram story that happened last week. She stated, “It is so sad that a moment which is supposed to be of so much happiness for a couple has been turned into idle gossip.”

Furthermore, she added, “Let’s not try to ruin someone’s moment, shall we?”

We also congratulate the newly engaged couple. May they live the happiest!