Filmstar Meera (Irtiza Rubab) got herself trolled by fans on multiple occasions due to her English speaking skills. The actress simply does not care about it. Though she tried to improve it and she did but still lands on controversies. But this time, it is a serious one.

Meera lands herself into mental hospital

A few days ago according to various reports surfaced that Meera on Wednesday night was admitted to a psychiatric facility in New York. Her mother confirmed that those claims were true. Her mother confirmed that the Baaji star was taken by force because she poorly spoke English at the hospital.


According to Shafqat Zahra, Meera was crying and asking her for help. She told her mother that the US police are sending her to a psychiatric facility. Furthermore, she told that they were not telling her why they are doing that. She repeatedly told them that she is an actress and not mentally ill.

False claims

Although Meera’s manager Qasim stated otherwise. He rubbished the claims and said, she is perfectly fine in her US home and nothing has happened. He also said that the star is in an undisputed quarrel with her mother. She wants to sabotage her reputation, just to resolve her personal dispute. He further refrained from commenting on it.

Meera discharged from Mental hospital after $50,000 bail from Captain Naveed

Meera is currently discharged from the facility after Captain Naveed paid a hefty $50,000 for her bail. The film star was also advised to leave the country within 48 hours and she can only return back to the country after having treatment and when she feels healthy. Meera’s father-in-law declared that she will be sent to Pakistan on an urgent basis, but for the moment she cannot stay in the country.

Meera is known for speaking improper English, according to the initial reports, she tried to impress the doctors through her English which might became a problem. And the doctors termed it as some mental condition.

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