Hareem Shah, a liar?

Hareem Shah in shallows again as Members of the Sindh Assembly claim that the whole Shah marrying a politician from ‘PPP’ is simply a gimmick and an attention-seeking stunt. They also demand proper legal action against the TikToker.

Sindh Assembly claims Hareem Shah is lying about her marriage!

According to the details Sindh Assembly members claim thatShah is a liar and is simply creating a drama in front of the entire nation. According to the orders from Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah, a team of forensics ran some investigations, which includes 17 ministers, 3 spokesperson, and others.

The investigation

The results disclose that no one had any contact – text messages or call records – with the Hareem Shah that proves any link. With that lead, Chief Minister demands legal action against the Tiktoker.

Recently the actress and TikToker is making headlines after she posted her bridal pictures on social media and announced that she is married, to a PPP politician and she will soon be leaving for Turkey for her honeymoon. She also posted a video today and asked all the local media outlets to stop linking her with every other person from PPP, she will name him soon.

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Moreover, PPP members claim that the news is a sham and doesn’t contain the truth of any sort. And disregarded her fake announcement.

Nasir Hussain also announced that Hareem did not marry any Minister. Whereas Ali Pitafi said that, even though marriage is Sunnah but what Shah is claiming is untrue and a lie.


Shamim Mumtaz said that if Hareem could have just named the Minister we can have some celebration. On the contrary, Member Assembly Shahina Sher said that marrying someone is a good deed. And no one should have issues with that, Hareem Shah’s marriage is only a stunt for attention. Meanwhile, Sajid Jokhio sarcastically said that we are still finding the minister, Shah should tell herself whom she married.