We witness many things throughout the day that get us thinking on deeper levels. But sometimes some thoughts or statements just don’t make sense. Recently a religious cleric Mufti Tariq Masood who has surfaced on social media due to his funny tone of Islamic lectures and sarcasm-filled statements has given another bizarre statement that got us thinking.

Mufti Tariq Masood’s recent statement caused a stir

During a video bayan, Mufti Tariq Masood said that female doctors should not treat male patients. Living in a nation that already doesn’t promote the education of women, these types of statements are not just misleading, also disturbing on many levels.

Furthermore he said that that woman must be reserved only to treat female patients and the same goes for men too. If the situation goes otherwise, and a female doctor needs to treat a man, she must do two things that include wearing gloves so that her skin won’t make any contact with the male. And she must do a naqaab and cover herself properly.

Women dentists or demons?

And that is not all! Mufti Tariq thinks that women dentists are the reason men are unfaithful. Women dentists entice men while treating them. He quotes and says, “Aur phir broad-minded loug kehtey hain ke kuch nahe houta aadmi ka dil saaf houna chahiye.

He continues, “mere pass cases achukey hain kitney mard kharab houchukay hain, ek khatoon ke shohar kharab hogaye.” He further said, “a man came to me and said that the man is a dentist is had an affair with one of his patients. So there should be a distance.” He said that there is an option of 4 marriages, avail it.

The irony

The main question that arises here that: if a man comes to a molvi or a mufti for him being unfaithful to his own wife, why are female dentists at fault? How is a lady dentist more provocative as her nose may touch his nose during an examination of teeth. Which is untrue!

Maybe, someone actually take Mufti Sahab to the right dentist. Or guide him that not every female dentist sits on her clinic to entice men, some really want to treat her patients with honesty and dignity.

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Moreover, we would like to show this video to mufti sahab that this is how a ‘normal’ oral exam happens at a dental clinic.

Twitter went wild after the statement of Mufti Tariq Masood

The twitter started bashing Masood after his twisted statement, a user replied,

Another user replied,

Another says,

Women are tired of being victim-blamed, objectified and accused of everything. This must stop now!

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