We see him in plenty of Pakistani dramas, and we have seen him as a dad in all of those. Yes! He is none other than Muhammad Ahmed; one of the most prized possessions our industry.

The actor recently revealed in an interview with BBC Urdu, that his character ends up facing demise in almost every single one of his projects. He jokingly commented, “The first question I ask is which episode am I (the character) dying in.”

“The father has to die in every serial. Whenever you want to portray the heroine as the utmost victim, the first thing you do is cut off her support; she is left alone in the world to face her circumstances.” He added.

While speaking about Hum TV’s Sabaat, Ahmad also correlated to his own life.

“If I wasn’t a father to daughters, I wouldn’t have been able to portray these roles on screen. In my personal life, my wife and I decided we will give our daughters the best of education and the same has been reflected on television.”

He also laughed at how his negative character was still received in a positive light in Laal Kabootar, with a a large number of audience labelled him as the “most innocent gangster” they had ever seen. Despite the number of roles under his belt, he owes his popularity to Asim Abbasi’s “Cake” after which people started noticing him more.

He revealed that his upcoming serial is “Aulaad”, the actor said that at least he won’t be dying in this one.

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