The burst came from a Neutron star Magnetar, having strong magnetic field, solving a big cosmic mystery.

Quick Radio Bursts or FRBs are extremely high radio waves which come from distant galaxies. The first FRB was recorded in 2007, but nothing returned from it, because it was difficult to study as they quickly get over. In 2013, astronomers discovered four more burst confirming the cosmic origins – deepening the mystery.

From April astronomers have been discovering FRBs from our own Milky Way, which garnered much attention. The two telescopes pick up x-ray and gamma ray bursts emanating from Magnetar.

But this time it is the strongest and most energetic radio blast ever recorded within our galaxy. According to Amanda Weltman, a South African theoretical Physicist for a press conference said, “Astronomers shall be watching the opposite identified magnetars in our galaxy for extra flares, to see a fast burst like this; it’s a must to occur to have your telescope trying in the precise route on the proper time – there’s no finish of luck concerned. That is solely the very, very starting for FRB science. I believe there shall be tens of 1000’s noticed in numerous galaxies inside a few years.”

The discovery seems to be solving a part of FRB mystery, but there are a lot of other pieces left to be placed into this cosmic puzzle.