While the vaccination for COVID-19 is approved for use in UK for now. New and mysterious illnesses are coming forward to haunt people. Some of the viruses in the past were the ‘Machupo Virus’ in Africa, the ‘Chapare Virus’ and not to forget the ‘Ebola virus.’

Mysterious Viruses in the Past

During recent discoveries, researchers have been discovering mystery illnesses discovered a deadly virus that was found in Bolivia. A transmissible virus from person to the person raising serious health concerns in the medical world. The preliminary research gave evidence regarding the species of Rodent that carry the virus and can infect humans. The human-to-human transmission contains the contamination of blood, urine, saliva, or semen, causing mysterious deaths in the past including one person in 2004, a farmworker in 2019, and three medical professionals involved in the case.

The mystery illness in India

Health experts and officials are still confused and raising concerns by this mystery illness that has left over 500 people hospitalized and one person dead in the southern Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. The disease first came into light on Saturday evening in Eluru, India. Where people started collapsing and convulsing without any symptoms.


Since then, more symptoms surfaced which includes anxiety and nausea, to loss of consciousness. 546 people were reported hospitalized. Some recovered and returned home while the rest of the 148 are still in hospitals being treated.

Reportedly a 45-year old man Sridhar got hospitalized with symptoms of epilepsy and died the next morning. Initially, contaminated water was suspected. But the chief minister’s office confirmed that people who don’t use the municipal water supply have also fallen sick, and initial tests of water samples didn’t give out any harmful chemicals.

The director of public health Geeta Prasadini stated that “Nobody knows” about the spread and the symptoms, making it an unresolved mystery.

The connection to COVID-19

It was reported that despite the widespread infection of Coronavirus in Eluru, all of the patients tested negative for COVID-19. In addition, blood tests performed so far have not found evidence of other viral infections, such as dengue fever or chikungunya.

Health officials still consider this mystery a different thing than COVID-19, since some of the symptoms do resemble as COVID patients. The experts still investigating into the matter and authorities are heading to Eluru to help with further investigations regarding the case.   

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