Nadia Jamil is a gem for the Pakistani industry. A year ago she shared the news that she is suffering from breast cancer. Fans and followers started sending wishes and prayers to her. The actor has been living abroad for her treatment, and spreading positive vibes since then!

Nadia Jamil is officially cancer free

And finally Nadia shares with her fans that she is finally and officially ‘cancer-free.’ Jamil took to Instagram and announce the happy news, sharing a smiling picture of her from the hospital bed with a caption, “Officially cancer free. All tests cancer clear. Shukar Alhamdolillah. Thank you ALL 4 your love, prayers & support. I have some nerve damage in my feet due 2 the brutal chemotherapy, but I shall live 2 dance my way, coz bhangra is all in the shoulders anyways.”

She added, “Some colleagues now megastars, would repeatedly give me a time 4 a small chat, then have me wait/chase them. I can only pray Allah brings respect & humility 2 their hearts. After all fame & name is nothing in the scheme of the universe & we are all, in the end, buried in the same soil.”

While concluding she said, “In the end though, I have stood by myself. It is my breath that keeps me alive, my self that protects me. It is my mind that wakes up 2 the dawn light, searching 4 clarity, loving green trees moving against silver-blue skies. It is my heart that feels full 2 the brim w gratitude & joy 4 every amazing blessing & gift the Creator exposes me 2.


The darkness will descend again. It is bound 2, for what is light without darkness. But it shall also pass again. And although I shall fall again, I know I have the will 2 learn 2 stand. And w each fall, I shall rise stronger & clearer. May I always be shown the path towards Truth, kindness, humility, respect, love, & then have the sense & will 2 walk it. Shukar Alhamdolillah & Thank YOU so much.”

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Nadia Jamil extends gratitude to best friends!

She also thanked a specific business for offering her a platform to continue to work and earn to help her through “financially trying times” before giving a special shout-out to industry friends Sania Saeed, Adnan Siddiqui, and Muniba Mazari for being by her side.