Casual sexism as a culture of Pakistan

It’s undeniably true that the Pakistan women’s cricket team is supported by the ability Nida Dar brings to the field. However, in spite of Dar’s place in worldwide cricket, our men cannot appear to move beyond passing judgment on her for her appearance. This time its our own Pakistani former cricketer, Abdul Razzaq.

Abdul Razzaq throws a sexist remark at Nida Dar

Former International player Abdul Razzaq along with Nida Dar of Pakistan’s cricket team were invited to Nouman Ijaz’s show G Sarkar, where a sleazy and sexist comment from Razzaq triggered a number of people. The three among other members were talking about women and sports and then as the conversation shifts towards marriage and post-marriage career prospects, Razzaq nonchalantly passed misogynist comments over Dar’s appearance and future in the game. At the point when the Sang-e-marmar star asked what Dar would have picked as a career, had it’s anything but been a cricketer, she shared she actually would have selected to be a professional athlete.

Not only this, but Razzaq made a comment on how ‘manly’ these female cricketers start to look like, “so they probably won’t even marry anyone, because in order to be on the male cricket team’s level their [women] feelings have ended.” He added, “Shake her hand right now and you will see she doesn’t even feel feminine.”

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Nida Dar slams back at Abdul Razzaq!

Dar slams back and replied, “Our profession is such that we have to go to the gym in order to perform. We have to bat, bowl, and field to stay fit.” Razzaq cut her off and said, “You can tell by looking at her hair.” While everybody laughed like a fake-synced laugh track of a sitcom, Butt questioned, “So you cannot play cricket with longer hair?” To which Dar replied, “You can, but for someone who has kept her hair long would affect her game.” Ijaz stated that “Yes there are certain requirements when it comes to sports, of course, you can’t play wearing a three-piece suit. You have to abide by the rules of sports.”

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This prompted a debate on Twitter as users got furious. One user Tweets, “@ARazzaqPak reduces female cricketers to marriage candidates while host Noman Ejaz keeps asking why do u not wear a 3 piece suit while playing cricket. Instead of honoring female professionals, these ‘men’ would rather humiliate them. Shows their upbringing.”

Another user tweets a reply,

Moreover, one user tweets,

Furthermore, a user tweets, “You became a world-class all-rounder but your mentality stayed there from where you started your career. Pathetic of you to ridicule a Pakistani star on national TV.”

In a country where sports is considered taboo, comments like these from renowned personalities and the humor around it are extremely disrespectful. All glory to Dar to slam the comments back and raise the bar high!

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