Midsummer Chaos is more like a chaos on Twitter

What did you get when you put a group of teens with a tendency to hold storytelling in one room? Apparently, you can expect to get a web series from it, but according to buff films and TV on Twitter, they prefer not! Midsummer Chaos, the web series written and directed by Ahmed Sarym, a young filmmaker who cast young stars including Mustafa Babar, Khushal Khan, Mamia Shajaffar, Hiba Aaza, Kamila Aamir, Nael Aamir, and the Churails starrer Mehar Bano.

Midsummer Chaos tells the story of a group of youngsters dealing with love and heartbreak. The first episode dropped on YouTube over the weekend and it took Pakistani twitter with a storm, and not the best way. The production is not being accepted the way it was expected.


The reactions on Twitter were hilarious,

Another user tweets and compared it with the lesser people who live in Islamabad,

Some used a toilet cleaner to clean their eyes after watching a few scenes,

Rafay Mahmood tweets,

Another rib-tickling meme came up,

While the memers are on their job, think of it as the very first project of some aspiring director., what a fail. Are you still excited for the second episode?

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