Ramiz Raja to take over as PCB chairman

The Pakistan Cricket Board is likely to elect Ramiz Raja as its next chairman (PCB). Following a meeting with Prime Minister Imran Khan, who approved the change of guard at the PCB, the decision was made. Once the succession process is completed, Raja will take over for Ehsan Mani.

On Monday afternoon (August 23), both Ramiz and Mani met with the Prime Minister. “I have informed him (Imran Khan) my plans,” Ramiz, a former Pakistan captain, said after the meeting. He’ll call,” he said, and he chose to wait for a response from the PM’s office. The decision was finally taken three days later.

Ramiz has announced his acceptance of the position. “The aim is to reset Pakistan cricket’s GPS and will be in pursuit of excellence,” Raja, who was also a Chief Executive Officer of PCB, announced the news on Thursday, August 26th.

Meanwhile, Imran is said to have requested Mani, whose three-year span as Prime Minister came to an end on Wednesday, to guarantee a seamless handover of power. Mani (76), a seasoned cricket administrator with experience at both the PCB and the International Cricket Council (ICC), was deemed too old for the role, which demanded a lot of energy, especially at the ICC forum, where the PCB has few friends.

Did Imran nominate names for Chairman PCB?

Sources revealed that PM Imran nominated two names for the governing board which include former captain Ramiz Raja and Dr. Jawad Sajid Khan, chairman of the Lahore Gymkhana. One of these, likely to be Raja, will be elected for the role of PCB chairman.

Raja had met Imran on Monday and shared his vision about taking Pakistan cricket forward with the premier.

When will Ramiz Raja join the office as chairman PCB?

Ramiz’s appointment will be a lengthy procedure. As one of the two nominations, his name will be forwarded to the PCB’s Board of Governors first. If another member of the Board of Governors wishes to run, an election may be held, but a PM’s choice is unlikely to face opposition. Mani was elected unopposed three years ago after being nominated by Imran. In the same way, Ramiz should be able to rise to the top.

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