At the point when you talk about music in Pakistan, Nazia Hassan’s name is the one that rings a bell in a split second. Nazia Hassan characterized Pakistani Pop Music during the 1980s and mid-90s.

Nazia Hassan

The lovely and ever-exquisite woman was the heartthrob for youngsters during the 1980s. She was perhaps the most famous vocalist, musician, and social activist not just in Pakistan but the world. Aside from that, she was additionally a Lawyer by profession legal advisor. Right up ’til today, Nazia Hassan is considered the Queen of Pop in South Asia.

Nazia Hassan

Nazia Hassan – an artist par excellence

With the album ‘Aap Jaisa’ Koi from Qurbani, Nazia made her Bollywood singing debut. Zeenat Aman, Feroz Khan, Vinod Khanna, Amjad Khan, and Amrish Puri starred in Qurbani. Disco Deewane, her debut release, was a smashing success. The song reached number one in 14 countries and became the best-selling Asian pop album of all time. Her second album produced the same amount of hype as her debut. Boom Boom, Young Tarang, and Hotline are among them.

Fans remember and tribute to Nazia Hassan

Music lovers across the nation over and beyond are paying accolades for Nazia Hassan and recalling the late singing sensation on her 21st death anniversary. Twenty-one years have passed since we lost this talented gem but, we as a whole actually recollect it like it happened yesterday.

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Nazia Hassan, along with her brother, Zohaib Hassan, gave us uncountable recollections to relish in her career. She sold more than 65 million records around the world, which is a demonstration of how well known she was respected.

Was Nazia Hassan poisoned?

Nazia Hassan’s brother and music partner, Zoheb Hassan, has come forward with serious allegations against her husband Ishtiaq Baig after 21 years. The allegations include arsenic poisoning and illegally detaining Nazia.

In the latest interview, Zoheb reveals that Baig poisoned Nazia and this caused her cancer. Nazia even informed Scotland Yard in her statement. According to Zoheb, Nazia developed ovarian cancer resulting in her ovary removal.

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Furthemore, she was in remission when she went back to her husband, he said. Soon she developed throat cancer, and her doctor was puzzled, Zoheb adds.

Moreover, Zoheb said his sister was so tired of all the mistreatment at Baig’s hands that she went for divorce before her death. He concluded that “Marrying her off to Baig was our biggest mistake.”

Nazia Hassan lost the battle against lung cancer at 35 on 13th August 2000.

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Nazia Hassan was a Pakistani singer-songwriter, lawyer, and social activist. She, along with her brother Zoheb Hassan, went on to sell over 65 million records worldwide. Hassan made her singing debut with the song “Aap Jaisa Koi,” which also appeared in the Indian film Qurbani in 1980.

Nazia Hassan passed away at 35 years (1965–2000) after battling painful complications from Cancer.

Nazia Hassan married Ishtiaq Baig in 1995. According to sources it was not a content marriage and she was unhappy. Her brother Zoheb further alleged that Nazia was given poison by her Husband Baig that caused her cancer spread. 

Nazia Hassan died of lung cancer in London. She had been admitted to North London Hospice in London, three days earlier when her condition deteriorated.

Late Nazia Hassan and Ishtiaq Baig has one son Arez Hassan.