He began with explaining that diabetes is a metabolic disorder that causes high blood sugar. And due to diabetes your body doesn’t make enough insulin (an important hormone) or cannot effectively use it.

While talking about the differences between type1 and type2 diabetes he added that having a sedentary lifestyle, increased weight, less sleep cycles, stress, anxiety, excessive carbohydrate intake and consuming sugary items can be major contributing factors in diabetes. 

People should not delay their insulin intakes, and adapt a healthy lifestyle, which includes less stress, avoiding sugar, white flour and salt and consulting your doctor for proper medication, he further added.

According to a report, there are currently over 199 million women living with diabetes, and the scale can go higher up to 313 million by 2040. He stressed that women should give extra attention to their symptoms, as the risk of gestational and post menopause diabetes is alarming.

As 71 Lac people in Pakistan are suffering from diabetes, Dr. Ajaz concluded with a thought that “Diabetes is not a disease, it is a disorder and by changing your lifestyle and adding healthy habits in your daily routine, this disorder can be fixed”.

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