Happy times come often but it lasts longer in your memories, birthdays and celebrations, in general, make people extremely happy and leave a refreshing effect. Today, SAMAA FM 107.4 is celebrating 8 years of Infinite Love & Support with our beloved RJs on SAMAA FM Anniversary Day Special transmissions with SAMAA TV as #SAMAAFMTurns8.

SAMAA FM Team on Naya Din!

“Naya Din” on SAMAA TV also celebrated the happiness with RJs on their show. The anchors started with how this day is double special for everyone within the team and all over Pakistan for SAMAA FM and for TV as they turn 8 and 13 years, respectively. Muhammad Shuaeb and Mehak Aslam share how mesmerizing the whole concept is to create a huge fan following behind them and keep them connected with just their voices!

Ayaz Abro GM Programming SAMAA FM 107.4

Along with the programming GM of SAMAA FM Ayaz Omar Abro, a team of RJs – Sulmeen Ansari, Adeel Azhar, Sahir Lodhi – shared their journeys. Ayaz Abro revealed that how the preparation, the anticipation is real every day when the RJs get in front of a microphone! He also shared that the level of energy with SAMAA FM never gets dull! While talking about the journey Ayaz Abro quoted that, “Kamyaabi ka safar tou shuru hogya, kiunke itney loug humey miley,” and he also talked about how amazing his team was from day one and with outstanding energy and unnerving strength to face microphone was itself an achievement for us!

RJ Sulmeen Ansari

RJ Sulmeen Ansari further added how people, fans, strangers recognize and appreciate them for their voices and their shows in specific are enough to boost their morale. She added that how through the Facebook live option people can now see their favorite RJs of SAMAA FM on their screens while listening to them on Radio!

Taking you on a journey through the unbeatable ’60s and 90’s music, Sulmeen Ansari hosts Samaa Rise, every Monday to Saturday, 9 am to 11 am on SAMAA FM 107.4.

RJ Sahir Lodhi

RJ Sahir Lodhi also joined the show through the live call and showed his gratitude for being a part of the FM Station for years; he shared how SAMAA FM 107.4 has become the biggest radio channel of Pakistan over the years with millions of fans and state of the art RJs. He congratulated on the account of SAMAA FM anniversary with the nationwide listenership in 9 major cities of Pakistan through waves and web. Sahir also shared that today is a very special day for him! Being a part of SAMAA FM is special for him, it is all about team efforts, and without the team, we would not be able to deliver excellence.

Sahir Lodhi has been associated with SAMAA FM for years, with compelling stories and everyday life happenings he hosts It’s My Show, every Monday to Friday, 8 pm to 10 pm.

RJ Adeel Azhar

RJ Adeel Azhar was also present in the show, his voice has a beautiful charm which is appreciated among fans and followers, not just them the whole team loves his outstanding energy, while talking about his journey he shared that he is honored to be a part of SAMAA FM 107.4. I have a field in which I can be the best and present the best show. I make people’s mornings and I am proud of it. He enjoyed the part where sometimes controversies happen but the fun never ends!

Every Monday to Friday, 7 am to 9 am, Adeel Azhar presents music, daily updates, news, and current happenings on his show Samaa Rise, only on SAMAA FM 107.4.  

Ayaz Abro also highlighted that passion is one of the important elements of becoming an RJ or a radio presenter; he further said that with technology things have changed in Radio, different types of voices do get appreciated nowadays, and people also enjoy variations, the key is improvisation!

Well, “Cake ke beghair wese bhi celebrations adhuri houteen hain.” To celebrate the day Sulmeen Ansari and the team also cut a 3-tiered cake on account of the birthday of Quaid-e-Azam and SAMAA FM Anniversary. Well, now this feels like a BIG CELEBRATION!

Be it SAMAA FM or TV the teams are united under one banner and the celebrations get special. The support and positivity everyone shared throughout the segment has made us realized that happiness and music last forever at SAMAA FM 107.4!

Tune to SAMAA FM 107.4 today and listen to your favorite RJs together as we all celebrating the birthday throughout the day with non-stop music, fun segments, and all things happy.