Since her stories have gone viral, Sarwat Gilani has received a lot of backlashes. In her stories, she attempts to make her Hindu cook feel safe in her Pakistani home by commemorating a Raksha Bandhan ritual.  

Raksha Bandhan

The Hindu community commemorates the day of Raksha Bandhan. The women in the household put a colorful band around the wrists of the men, whom they refer to as brothers or ‘bhaiya.’  This gathering is for sisters to honor and cherish their brothers as protectors. Ganaish, Sarwat Gilani’s cook, appears to be a Hindu who has relocated to Pakistan.

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It is truly heartwarming to see the video. Sarwat Gilani’s own message is also that minorities should not feel left out or unable to celebrate their own events. Moreover, being happy in their happiness costs us nothing! It’s incredible to see the smile on the cook, Ganaish’s face as Sarwat Gilani celebrates Raksha Bandhan with him.

Watch the video here:

The video is incredibly heartwarming to watch. Minorities should not feel left out or unable to enjoy their own events, according to Sarwat Gilani. Furthermore, it costs us nothing to share in their joy! The cook, Ganesh, has a wonderful smile on his face as Sarwat Gilani celebrates Raksha Bandhan with him.

It’s particularly hilarious when Sarwat Gilani says something in Urdu and Ganaish corrects her with Hindu terminology. “It is, janam o janam!” Furthermore, the two cute kids on the sides who are watching everything will be learning a valuable lesson to take care of the minorities.

Sarwat Gilani faces backlash for celebrating Raksha Bandhan

However even though her gesture is the greatest of greatest, Gillani faces massive backlash over celebrating Raksha Bandhan with her cook. The internet community is concerned that this will be pushed. Furthermore, prejudice towards Hindu culture is on the rise. Here’s what people have to say about it

Another one comments,

A user also sides with the actress for her kind gesture. She writes,

It is important to create tolerance for different religions and minorities living in Pakistan. We appreciate the gesture from Sarwat Gillani.

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