Durdana Butt passes away at 83

Veteran actress Durdana Butt passes away in Karachi on Thursday, Arts Council confirms. The renowned actress passed away at 83. Butt battled with cancer and was put on a ventilator a few days ago.

Durdana Butt is best known for her roles in the dramas Aangan Terha, Fifty Fifty, Ruswai, Intezaar and Tanhaiyaan and Tanhaiyaan naye silsilay.

Durdana Butt

Hailing from Lahore, Durdana completed her studies at Kinnaird College and went to the University of Toledo where she completed her Ph.D. in Ohio Educational Administration. Acting came naturally to her. She began her career in modeling and commercials and later in dramas. Before that, she was a theatre artist and was praised for her expressions and natural acting. In 1978 she did a role in the drama Fifty Fifty with Moin Akhtar the drama got finished in 1984, she got a lot of attention from the audience and she became well known among the audience. Furthermore, in 1980 she did the role of Sultana Sahiba in the drama Aagan Terha, her performance was widely received. She then played in Naukar Ke Aagay Chakar in 1982. At last in 85’ she was offered Tanhaiyaan which further highlighted her career along with Marina Khan, Shehnaz Sheikh, and Badar Khalil.

Celebrities pay condolences and tribute to the late star

Simi Raheal along with many celebrities is in shock, mourning her passing away. Simi captions, “It was the 70s I was at PTV Lahore to do a play for Mohammad Nisar Husain called Aghoshewida by Ashfaq Ahmed sahib and that was when we acted together the first time! Durdanabutt was an iconic larger-than-life gentle soul she happily went around Lahore on a motorcycle all over town and was a known figure in Lahore.”

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She further writes, “Kinnaird college was where she studied…I knew her as an old Friend… She was a truly exceptional being a tremendously talented actor and her humility was incomparable. She will be missed …. Really missed #durdanabutt you were always will be dearly loved and respected.”

Ahmed Ali Butt posts, I was blessed to be her student when I was in school. You are and will always be pure LOVE. Your humor, compassion, and empathy are how I will always remember you. May Allah bless your soul.”

Durdana Butt passes away

Furthermore, Azaan Sami Khan also posts condolence,

Ghana Ali posts,

Faysal Qureshi posts,

Mansha Pasha also posts her condolence,

Adnan Siddiqui shares a heartfelt post. He writes, “Durdana appa, an impressive combination of acting finesse and educationist. The million-dollar smile that reached your eyes, made all of us your fans. May Allah grant you a higher place in Jannah tul Firdous! Ameen.”

Earlier taking it to Instagram, actor Khalid Malik requested, “please pray for her health. The sweetest Durdana Butt apa is on the ventilator, please pray for her health.”

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