Teaser drop: Zarrar features Haaray by Umair Jaswal

The action-packed movie Zarrar is now ready for release after a few years of anticipation. Moreover, Umair Jaswal is gathering fans with a preview for his song for the movie, “Haaray.”

Presenting “Haaray” by Umair Jaswal from Zarrar The Film. The movie is directed & written by Shaan Shahid. The teaser was posted on Monday on Zarrar’s YouTube account. The release date for the film in theatres is September 2022.

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Zarrar – Teaser

With some ominous scenes showing a woman (Kiran Malik) who appears to be in prison, the teaser gave viewers a preview of what to expect from the movie. These scenes included her lying on the jail floor by the toilet, being seen through the bars, and having a flashlight check on her in the cell while her feet were submerged in water. Additionally, Shahid’s dialogue was included, “I swear by this country that I will not let any of this nation’s enemies live.”

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Furthermore, the singer shared a tiny teaser of his own on his Instagram account, a joint post with Zarrar captioned, “Umair Jaswal is the voice of Zarrar’s official soundtrack ‘Haaray’. Releasing soon!!!”

The movie’s release date was originally scheduled for 2020, but it was delayed. The action-packed, gloomy trailer was made available that same year. Shahid portrays the title character, Zarrar, an ISI special unit member. He seeks peace in a society where “wars don’t die.”

Malik, Shahid’s love interest, appeared to be captured and subjected to torture in the trailer. Nayyar Ejaz portrays a villain who wishes for Pakistan to have a bleak future. Nadeem Baig isn’t in it too much, yet he was prominently displayed in the movie’s teaser.