Young girls everywhere around the world experience many struggles when they try to own up to their goals and move towards their dreams. These struggles include negative, heartbreaking comments, lack of general basic rights, and the fight for equal opportunities among others. This has been going on for ages and the ultimate and strong goal is to break the stereotype by changing the narrative once and for all.

Similarly, on the 8th of December 2020, social media witnessed something that shone out of the digital clutter. Girls from all around the nation gathered together for one single motive, one loud roar! Influencers and celebrities posted black and white photographs and videos of their back with different hairdos and shared the struggles and problems they face being a girl in this society.

Most of the captions highlighted the narrative ‘Unhoun ne kaha,’ and how girls are tired of hearing what they can’t achieve, but despite all the hurdles posed by society, girls now go beyond all odds to cross them. They are recalibrating and redefining themselves in these unprecedented circumstances by shining in their own special way by pursuing diverse professions they set their hearts on.

Sunsilk #ShaanSeShine gives all of these girls the courage to stand out and speak for all those girls whose ambitions are being stepped on by society. The campaign also features an array of talented strong Pakistani girls from all fields of life, finding their paths and pursuing their dreams. The diversification of ‘Shaan se Shine’ represents how from a Business girl to a National Player and an Actor to a Model or even a Housewife, everyone knows how to shine with Shaan and to follow their dreams no matter what people say!

With #ShaanSeShine girls also shared how they believe in themselves and challenged society by breaking taboos and challenging narratives that seem to have been set in stone for married women and even young mothers who’re forced to believe that their life has ended post-marriage and their duty only lies in taking care of others.  

Some of the success stories also highlighted the importance of holding opinions and making your presence matter. Girls can be a powerful asset and support for society with unnerving resilience!

The most exceptional part of this campaign was how working moms took the limelight and shared their success stories, as they found their safe space on social media. Mommy and lifestyle bloggers shared how they are handling their duties and responsibilities as digital content makers and also as mothers, wives, daughters, and moreover, as human beings.

The popular hashtag became the talk of the town after the uplifting stories of success. 

A massive amount of strength and love was poured over social media; people appreciated their favorite girl-idol over comments and talked about how brave they were to stand up for themselves! The concept resonates in the audience and echoes the message of confidently embracing one’s identity, fighting for dreams, and being limitless even amidst odds.

In between challenges, hurdles, and hustle, the need for such campaigns is important for this society. It’s crucial for every girl to realize her value, her worth, and more importantly her struggles, her contribution, and her true self!

Sunsilk’s campaign #ShaanSeShine stood out from the rest of the campaigns because it showcased the true face of feminism. The message of empowerment translates into more than just rebellion but a change of thought- not only in girls but also in growing boys. Girls who grab their destiny in their own hands and conquer uncharted territories are awakening the same shine that the product aims to bring for them. So there couldn’t really be a more perfect fit to share this message for girls all around the country, and beyond.

In this now reimagined, new world of empowered girls, the brand further expands and recognizes the beauty of the Pakistani girls with their strong career choices. The Black Shine became the reason for success for every girl out there. So, ab se har larki apne baal bhi sambhaaleygi or shine bhi karegi!

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