Your body needs a sufficient source of iron to produce haemoglobin, the blood component responsible for transporting oxygen to the different parts of the body. When there is an iron deficiency in a human body, it suffers from a condition called Anaemia. Iron Deficiency usually occurs when your body fails to sustain mineral iron.  And if your body doesn’t have enough of this major element, your tissues, due to the lack of haemoglobin won’t get oxygen or be able to work properly. 

Here are a few signs to look if you are an iron deficient:

1. Fatigue or Unusual Tiredness

If you feel exhausted all the time even after proper rest, it may be a sign that you are anaemic. It is considered to be one of the most common symptoms of but also the most difficult one to detect. Fatigue happens when your body lack haemoglobin. If your normal fatigue is coupled along with weakness and irritation – get your iron checked.

2. Frequent Infections

Iron plays a key role for a healthy immune system, so lower levels of the minerals can make you more susceptible to infections. Your spleen won’t be able to work properly without enough blood oxygen. That will result into frequent infections.

3. Paleness of Skin

Your body, face, under the eyelids, nails and gums will turn pale if you have iron deficiency. The haemoglobin in red blood cells give blood its red colour, so when you lack haemoglobin during iron deficiency it makes the blood less red and you turn pale.

4. Shortness of Breath

Shortness of breath can be one of the main reasons of iron deficiency. If you experience lethargy while taking long walking trips, get your iron checked.

5. Dizziness or Headaches

An iron-deficient body will prioritise getting oxygen to the brain before it worries about blood getting elsewhere. This lack of division may result as swollen vessels in your brain, and cause extreme pain in your head.

6. Chewing Ice

If you chew ice, there might be a possibility that you are iron deficient. This condition is called ‘Pagophagia’. It is an eating disorder that causes people to eat things with no nutritional value. If you have such craving, you should get your iron checked.

7. Hair Loss

If you are losing more than 120 strands per day, you may have iron deficiency. When your hair follicles do not get the oxygen it needs, they tend to fall out and don’t grow back until the anaemia gets recovered.

If you detect any of these symptoms, get your blood checked; eat foods with good amount of iron including lean meat and dark leafy vegetables etc. And start taking your calcium regularly and combat your iron deficiency.