The Stigma of Mental Health and Men

We as human beings ignore the stigma surrounding mental health over time, which has stopped many men from seeking help when they need it most and it’s literally killing them. This has been a practice over time that men think not discussing their problems and issues as a part of being a “macho thing,” a lot of men out there don’t want to admit they have this problem. They still see depression as a sign of weakness. This type of thinking is outdated, the heirloom of previous generations that doesn’t let men speak to the current understanding and changes of mental illness. This is now recognizable that chemical changes that take place in many ways, mental illness is just like diabetes or any other regular physical condition. The sad part about a society that generally, we are so involved in our own problems that we don’t look at them that way. Instead, they still see mental health struggles as a personal issue and a lack of personal fortitude.

Because of that, and the stigma that still exists surrounding mental illness (not to mention, the pressure on men to always be strong), a lot of men struggle with admitting they may need help.

Cultural Assumptions

Cultural assumptions and conventional gender roles play a role in why men are less inclined to talk about or look for help for their emotional wellness issues. We realize that sexual orientation generalizations about ladies – the thought they ought to carry on or look a specific way, for instance – can be harmful to them. In any case, comprehend that men can be harmed by generalizations and assumptions as well.

Men are regularly expected to be the providers and to be strong, predominant, and in charge. While these aren’t innately bad things, but over the years they can make it harder for men to connect for help and open up. Some researches additionally suggest that men who can’t talk openly about their feelings might be less ready to perceive indications of psychological wellness issues in themselves, and more averse to connect for help.

Men may also be bound to utilize potentially destructive adapting strategies, for example, medications or liquor, and more averse to converse with family or companions about their psychological well-being. Nonetheless, there are researches to recommend that men will get to help when they feel it meets their inclinations and is easily accessed, significant and meaningful, and locks in.

Through and through this is not just related to one single country or continent, this is being seen almost everywhere around the world and no matter how difficult it is to talk about those problems, there is one group in Pakistan that is defying all the odds regarding men’s issues and mental health problems. And that’s not all, you are a guy and you have a quick query? JUST GO AND ASK FOR HELP, there would be men – MORE THAN BROTHERS – quick to come for your rescue! That group is Soul Brothers Pakistan.

Soul Brothers Pakistan  

Running on the principles of Energy, Balance, and Brotherhood, Soul Brothers Pakistan is a Facebook group of Danish Javed and Nouman Saeed Khan, who founded the group in June 2016. They started off with a small group of people, with a clear vision and inspiration of making a safe space for men with their regular day-to-day problems and a platform where they can voice their opinions and get advice! The group has some fun elements, as well as segments with serious social discussions as well. The group has 127,584 active members.

Anonymous Soul Brothers And The Guy Talk

“Anonymous Soul Brothers” one of the permanent segments of the group where men talk about mental issues, and suicide awareness, and struggles revolving around them. They also discuss depression in men and how it is prevailing in society, job issues related to the market, and how to deal with them with positive solutions. Similarly the other regular segment “The Guy Talk” features regular live sessions where they discuss key insights, thoughts, and group managing.  And this is one of the few things; it has also been providing job opportunities to many and making lives easier.

Achievements of Soul Brothers Pakistan

Jharu Pohcha Campaign

Last year the members of the group actively participated in the Jharu Pohcha campaign under the hashtag “trash tag.” Where members of the group came together and help cleaned Karachi under one singlehood, brotherhood!

Indus Hospital Covid Campaign

During the sharp rise in the 2nd wave of COVID-19, Indus Hospital faced an overload of patients COVID-19.  Soul Brothers as a whole sole entity continued to help and to offer all their services for the suffering people. This combined with the impact of COVID on businesses well that has created a dire need for Zakat particularly, and donations for oxygen cylinders as well.

Digi Awards for Facebook Community of the Year

Soul Brothers Pakistan due to their effortless brotherhood and contributions for men in Pakistan also got awarded the Pakistan Digital Awards for the best Facebook Community of the Year 2020.

The Current Glitch in Soul Brothers Pakistan Group

Due to some technical glitch, the group has been temporarily disabled from Facebook since Sunday that has created quite a stir among the brothers, according the member Tabish Hashmi, he shared a rather funny video informing every brother to stay put as they resolve the glitch and get the group access back, until then there is another backup group with the same name that had been created for the members and gained almost 32.8k overnight, hmm BROTHERHOOD game is strong!

The founder Nouman Saeed Khan also shared a video for his members that this is a challenge for every one of us like the rest of them we will get through this soon, he has also asked their members to join the alternative group so that they can continue efforts during times of crisis.

The Facebook community has grown stronger over time, it’s high time to show support for each other as individuals and as a group, the stronger you are the more courage you get to solve problems on every ground!