SpaceX and Axiom Space sign blockbuster deal!

NASA declared that International Space Station will open to a commercial business in 2019. And now this news is becoming a reality as on Wednesday 2nd June 2021 space tourism company Axiom Space signs a blockbuster deal with Elon Musk’s space company SpaceX. That will send private tourist crews to the ISS through 2023.

Axiom and SpaceX already had a deal in placefor a Dragon spacecraft flight with three private citizens and former NASA astronaut Michael Lopez-Alegria in early 2022. The new agreement expands the scope to a total of four flights.

Additionally, Axiom had been arranging different private missions, yet the declaration ties the two organizations all the more firmly together as space tourism industry endeavors increase “A new era in human spaceflight is here,” said President and COO Gwynne Shotwell in an Axiom statement.

Crew Dragon

Furthermore, SpaceX has demonstrated the abilities of its Crew Dragon case through NASA’s Commercial Crew Program. The organization has effectively launched three succesful missions with proficient space astronauts on board.

The Axiom missions will also involve private crews. The previously announced first mission — which has NASA approval to launch no earlier than January 2022 — comes with a reported $55 million price tag per seat. 

“All four crews will receive combined commercial astronaut training from NASA and SpaceX, with SpaceX providing training on the Falcon 9 launch vehicle and Dragon spacecraft, emergency preparedness training, spacesuit and spacecraft ingress and egress exercises, as well as partial and full simulations,” said in a statement on Wednesday.

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Moreover, Axiom has greater thoughts than simply visiting the ISS. The Axiom Station is an arranged exclusive space station that would begin life as a connection to the ISS in 2024 and afterward detach and work all alone by 2028. It could turn into a definitive space vacation destination.