Fitness and Nutrition are as important as your life, somehow they both are tied into an infinity loop. The better you eat the healthier you get. Not everyone follows a very healthy lifestyle but moderation is the key.

Mudeser Ali believes in a similar key, moderation, and counting blessings not food options to omit. While talking to Sara Baloch, he shared how important is for people, in general, to understand that only food can give you the basic amount of energy you need. Supplements will never replace real food.

Mudeser Ali is a Health Fitness Specialist with a demonstrated history of working in the Nutrition and fitness industry. He firmly believes that healthy eating habits will never make a person’s immunity weak! According to him improving sleeping habits is a game-changer. He also stressed that eating green leafy vegetables and adding variations in your salads can be a good step toward your goal weight! He also linked it with COVID-19 that how eating habits change immunity which ultimately leads to a better lifestyle.

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