Water scarcity has become one of the major problems Pakistan is facing currently. The water availability is less than 1000 cubic meters per person. If the water availability reaches 500 the country will become absolutely scarce of water by the year 2025. This issue is being highlighted. That being said, a startup has come up with solutions for water and electricity too. The startup is Asani.io.


Asani.io is a water management system founded by Ansab Naqvi, to solve the issue of water scarcity in Pakistan. This startup is an automation-based startup that is helping customers to achieve peace of mind while reducing environmental hazards. And saves water without any hassle.


This startup works on the motive of ‘stop needless waste of water, electricity and time.’ The basic mission is to accelerate the world towards a better transition and to a sustainable lifestyle.

Simplest way to monitor your water tanks with Asani.io

Asani.io smartly indicates your water levels through an application. On the other hand, you can install the system in your home and it will give you water level checks, smart app monitoring, and usage optimization. It further gives you,

-Flow detection
-Automatic motor switching
-Multiple motor control

The end-to-end water management with hardware and software installation is one of the main goals of Asani.io. It is also an affordable product for your water wastage problems. And achieves a Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) for smart cities.

Asani.io target market

It targets two sectors, Residential and Commercial.


It manages and monitors Tanks, motors, and time efficiently. You can calculate your water wastage and tank overflow. If you have no water supply available you can get alerts on your mobile app when the water supply restores.

Additionally, you can forget about checking your water supply multiple times in an hour. Above all, you can get notifications for the water tank fill-ups and you can never miss water timings. You can turn your motors on and off on your mobile application. So you don’t have to rush to the motor. Apart from that, the Asani.io app can be managed from anywhere around the world.


It reduces your property’s carbon footprint that means it achieves a sustainable development goal that focuses on smart city ideas, and CSR goals. Especially, the remote and on-site monitoring systems on a larger level with proven ROI models promises profitability.

Unquestionably, Asani.io is a unique, smart, and hassle-free way to manage all your water wastage problems and much more. You can simply connect with them for a free consultation.


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