Before startups like Eye Interactions. We should talk about entrepreneurship in Pakistan, we should know that Pakistani is on 25th number under the largest purchasing power. And under the GDP it falls on 38th number from around the globe. But if we talk about today, Pakistan’s economy with startups has become better than in the last two decades. Entrepreneurship with different startups is also one best ways to improve the economy. There are two types of entrepreneurship. One in which there is a low investment and the other one is in which there is a high investment. Many businesses in Pakistan include these two types of Entrepreneurship. Whether it is low or high (Investment) depending upon the product and startup of an organization or industry. For a low investment, you can start your business with simply a space for teaching or any academy center. Or you can also invest in small businesses, online selling, a little shop, handmade goods, books, or something else.

These investments can be done for the abled-people, but one hardly thinks about the people who are disabled or differently-abled, let alone start something for themselves as a startup.

According to WHO, 30 million people are living with different kind of disabilities and out of these people 20 percent of them cannot move their limbs or perform any day activity. But, Pakistan is also blessed to have successful startups for helping disabled or differently-abled people with vision problems, empowering individuals to do things by their own and making their lives easier and one of the very successful startups is, Eye Interactions!

About Eye Interactions

Eye Interactions is a brain-child of Irfan Ahmed, Adeel Ahmed and Hamza Irfan, their vision was to create something that can help people with eye disability through A.I.

Eye Interactions planned to devise an algorithm that will allow an individual to carry out basic tasks through eye movement. It is developing gaze wheelchairs and home automation kits in order to help and empower disable people. Their intention was to make this device interact through eye movement and help run electrical appliances and electric wheelchair with it. The team used Python to program the device for detecting eye movements. Previously, the same team also designed a prototype car for Rs. 3,000 to test it out as a part of their final year project.

Prototypes of Eye Interactions

Eye Interactions have successfully created two prototypes, the Eye Controlled Robotic Car and the other one is Home Automation Using Eye movements.

The Eye Controlled Robotic Wheelchairs

The Eye Controlled Robotic Wheelchair can help a disabled person move and do normal day to day activity. A gaze-wheelchair that is controlled by the eye movement. What makes this unique is this eye controlled robotic car comes with a set of glasses that has a AI camera mount in it, and that will help a disabled person to move and also let him control his devices and appliances in his home. The device’s automation system uses a blink sensor to detect blinking in real-time. It can also be used for home automation, for moving a cursor on your computer or moving a wheelchair. New devices can be added by programming the system accordingly.

Home Automation

The Home Automation comes with a screen board; you can place that board anywhere in your house with 6 other connections with a technology naming Note MCU, where you can be connected with WIFI and offline Cloud and control different features through your eye movement.

Eye Interactions App

This is the first time in Pakistan that Eye Interactions application is working for three main categories based on Voice, Button-Click or Eye Movement to control your appliances. If anyone with eye disability is facing difficulty in controlling of electrical appliances of their homes physically? Eye Interactions can start off with a very comforting change in their life-style. The application is making it easier. It is affordable and extremely easy to use. You can turn on and off any electrical appliances with a tap on your phone.

Milestones Of Eye Interactions

The startup currently is receiving massive recognition from around the world; Eye Interactions has also been selected in top100 startups in “StartupIstanbul.” And also received seed funding by Unicef in Generation Unlimited’s Youth Challenge 2.0.

The aim is to ensure that differently-abled people won’t live in difficulties and dependency on others and they can take part in normal life and can perform their day to day tasks with ease!

Startup like these from young people not only ensure the goal functioning of this society, but also gives courage to other people to come forward with a vision to provide ease for the group of individuals who are striving hard with their disabilities and still want to make a change in the society.


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