Before we talk about Nativ Learning let us give you a general insight in what language is and why is this so important as a medium?

What Language is?

We frequently think about what Language is, it is an arrangement of customary spoken, manual (marked), or composed images by methods for which people, as members from a social gathering and members in its way of life, communicate. Or simply express themselves The elements of language incorporate correspondence, the outflow of personality/identity, play, innovative articulation, expression of ideas and plans, and sometimes emotional release. We can likewise characterize it into a legitimate definition like, “Language is the expression of thoughts by means for discourse sounds consolidated into words. Words are joined into sentences, this blends offering an explanation to that of thoughts into considerations.” This could be a strict definition, however socially it has a section that is classified as “NATIVE LANGUAGE.”

Native Language

A first language, native tongue, native language, or mother/father/parent tongue is a language that a person has been exposed to from birth or inside the basic time frame. It is likewise called an arterial language or L1. In some states, including Pakistan the term native language or primary language alludes to the language of one’s ethnic gathering instead of one’s first language. Once in a while, the expression “native language” is utilized for the language that an individual educated as a kid (typically from their parents or a similar tongue babysitter). Children experiencing childhood in bilingual homes can, as indicated by this definition, have more than one first language or native language.

While some argue that there is no such thing as a “native speaker” or a, it is important in what context? To understand the key terms as well as to understand what it means to be a “non-native” speaker and the implications that can have on one’s life. Research suggests that while a non-native speaker may develop fluency in a targeted language after about two years of immersion, it can take between five and seven years for that child to be on the same working level as their native-speaking counterparts. Since we face similar problems in Pakistan, we have a start-up that is currently and successfully breaking linguistic barriers for people with native language issues. And that start-up is, Nativ Learning!

Nativ Learning Start-up

“Nativ Learning” is the brainchild of Uzair Qarni, he is the founder and CEO. He had the vision to make every language accessible for Native Language speakers so they may have access to quality native professional courses online. For Native language speakers, language is one of the main barriers and they cannot communicate without it or even understand it.  Nativ Learning makes online courses in native languages for personal and professional development.

Nativ Learning First Course “Chess 101”

Initially focusing on the Pakistani market, their first course was Chess 101. The great part about this is that it’s currently available in English, Urdu, and Sindhi languages. With years of experience and an incredible team of accomplished individuals by their side, they have created courses that are designed to help learners around the world learn at their own pace, time, and most importantly, in their own language.

Pakistani Sign Language Course by Nativ Learning

Another course that intrigued me more was the online course with sign language that Nativ Learning introduced, the basic goal was that this course will help deaf people to learn new things. The course includes videos, quizzes, and documents for everyone to learn who has any hearing disability and also learn basics of Pakistani sign language that helps them to communicate with over 10m hearing impaired individuals of Pakistan.

Another detail that I found really interesting is how creatively they have designed their art-work ad for job-application, in the Urdu language. Making it an example of their start-up and making it more reachable to the people who have difficulties reading in English and are still struggling to be prominent while having the talent, but lacking due to just one barrier which is language.

Nativ Learning

Course on How to Get a Job

In collaboration with a local recruitment platform, Nativ Learning also started an online course for people to spread awareness and explain to them that how can they get their jobs, with the required skills, and make the most of their professional life. How can they train themselves to be competitive in the market and what tools they can use for this? The languages included were English, Urdu, Pashto, Sindhi, and Punjabi.

The CEO Uzair Qarni shares, “Millions across Pakistan are gaining access to the internet for the very first time. I’ve met so many people all over Sindh, excited to use these new tools to learn new skills. But there is no content or learning platform on which they can learn in their own native language, or through payment modes accessible to them. That’s where Native Learning came from – to create online courses through which people can learn and develop new skills in their native languages.

Their mission for the future is simple. To help learners around the world to learn at their own pace, time, and language, and to provide quality, novel, and engaging courses available to everyone including differently-abled people, and encourage them to gain new skills, master new hobbies, and instill in them a love for learning, and the confidence to achieve their dreams.


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