Kangana strikes back

Kangana Ranaut, a Bollywood actress, has lately made headlines for her upcoming film Dhaakad, in which she plays the first-ever female spy in an Indian film. Ranaut has frequently maintained that she is the bravest Bollywood performer who is not scared to explore by taking on non-traditional roles.

Ranaut has made headlines for her outspoken comments in addition to her initiatives. The Queen actress recently discussed how Mahabharata is greatly influenced by the popular Avengers franchise.

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Avengers vs Mahabharata

Ranaut was questioned in an interview with ETimes if she would prefer to play a superhero in an Indian mythological setting or in a Hollywood setting. She answered, “I’d take the Indian method without a doubt. I believe the West heavily borrows from our mythology. When I think of superheroes like Iron Man, I’m reminded of Karna’s armor from the Mahabharata. Hanumanji with his Gada is comparable to Thor brandishing the hammer (mace). The Avengers, I believe, was also influenced by the Mahabharata.”

She continued, “Although their visual style differs, the beginnings of these superhero stories are heavily influenced by our Vedas. They are also aware of this. Similarly, I’d like to develop something unique, and why should I be limited to Western inspiration?”

Ranaut will next be seen in Dhaakad, a spy thriller that she has compared to the James Bond films.

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