Ishrat Made In China gets a release date

On Sunday (Feb 13), the much-anticipated film Ishrat Made in China finally published its official trailer, giving fans a better idea of what to expect when the film hits theatres on March 3.

Ishrat Made in China poster

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Ishrat Made In China cast

Ishrat Made In China is a Chinese action comedy based on Mirza’s satirical show Ishrat Baji (2006). Mirza will play Ishrat himself, with Sanam Saeed, Sara Loren, Ali Kazmi, Shamoon Abbasi, Shabbir Jan, Imam Syed, Salman Saqib (Mani), and Mustafa Chaudhry rounding out the group.

Furthermore, the teaser, which was uploaded on YouTube, features a Mirza vs. HSY fight, as well as Bollywood-style musical numbers, fight scenes, and humor. The trailer finally reveals that the film will be released on March 3rd.

Moreover, Mirza shared the trailer and release date with fans on Instagram.

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The film was directed by Mirza himself and was shot in Thailand at the start of the pandemic, which proved to be a challenging experience for the cast and crew who were stuck in Thailand due to harsh travel restrictions following the outbreak.

Sanam Saeed recently played a lead role in Zee5’s production “Qaatil Haseenaon Ke Naam.” Her performance was also widely praised by the Indian audience as her role as Kashaf was unforgettable. Moreover, the model-turned-actor is excited about the project.

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