There were some familiar highlights in display when the new Apple Maps version was reported at the Worldwide Developers Conference 2021. Any individual who’s used its main rival (Google Maps) knows where the iPhone-maker got its motivation.

Apple Maps, particularly the iPhone application form, will get a major upgrade with iOS 15’s launch this fall. The new search for Maps originally appeared last year with iOS 14 and is currently extending from the U.S., UK, Ireland, and Canada to Spain, Portugal, and Gibraltar. Not long from now the new guide will be in Australia and Italy.

Apple maps

There will be more data in more places with more clear bicycle paths and people on foot, intersections, just as new lettering and markings for various statures and ocean highlights, augmented reality walkway portrayals in certain urban areas for iPhone clients, super high resolution 3D designs in select urban communities, and better travel getting ready for Car and travel.

The thing is, a lot of these improvements come after the Google Maps app offered them for Android and iPhone users.

The iOS 15 features Google Maps users will recognize

AR walking directions

In the fall, you’ll have the option to add a layer of augmented reality with arrows and direction when you hold up your mobile phone in walking mode on Apple Maps. This may be accessible in the San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, New York, and London before the year’s over. Google added this to its maps in 2019, just like the new Apple’s version. It uses the camera to identify your location. And then adds it to your screen. Google calls it the Live View. And this gets updated over the years.

Apple maps

More transit info

Apple is giving plenty of screen time to bus routes in the new operating system. Train and Subway systems were more prominent but major bus lines will be displayed. This seems like an exact copy of a Google Maps but Google transit has been clearer as compared to Apple’s for years. Apple is still catching up on Google!

Apple maps more transit info

New Icon

The maps icon has a subtle and new logo with detailed view of roads and terrains. Apple also designed more colours and rounded the edges a bit more. The 280 freeway sign is no longer is on the icon.

Apple new logo

During the presentation, Apple focused on how much they prioritize security. Maybe copy the Google Maps Incognito mode feature this time.