Unresolved childhood trauma

Unresolved childhood trauma can occasionally cause problems as an adult. One such character is Asif, who as a result of his unresolved childhood grievances, grew up to be an enraged adult who was even hideous and brutish. A teaser for the upcoming drama Wehshi, which stars Khushhal Khan, depicts the development of a physically mistreated child.

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Asif, a beloved son of his father, suffers a sad fate when his father dies, according to a brief teaser released by HUM TV on Monday. With a stepfather that treats him poorly, the built-up anger and grief reflects in Asif’s personality and leads to him being labelled as wehshi [brute]. Will this title lead to a self-fulfilling prophecy?”

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Wehshi teaser

In the 22-second movie, few moments from Asif’s childhood were shown. He began by blowing out his birthday candles with his parents present, and it rapidly escalated to physical violence. The next scene shows an older Asif Tahir yelling, smashing objects, smoking, and sitting in full clothing under the shower. Who transformed me into a beast in the midst of love, hate, and you? he demanded.

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Wehshi, which was directed by Iqbal Hussain and is now in production, will be released soon. Nadia Khan, Shamil Khan, Madiha Rizvi, Babar Ali, Komail Anam, and other actors star in the Shumaila Zaidi-penned drama.

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