2021 Azaan Sami Khan’s year of singing excellence!

2021 becomes Azaan Sami Khan’s point of excellent for singing and songwriting, with him declaring his first collection comprising of nine pristine melodies, specifically Maahiya, Dholna, Mein Tera, Jaadugari, Aashiqui, Ik Lamha, Meri Sajna Re including Ustaad Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Zama, and Tu, alongside a bonus side having live forms and a remix. His debut single Main Tera is still making waves and has now crossed 5,000,000 million views on YouTube.

Tu – A love song by Azaan Sami Khan with a twist

Almost everyone knows that Azaan Sami Khan is the son of Adnan Sami Khan who chose to continue his life and career in living in India. He faced backlash for being an Indian nationalist. But his son turned out to be loving Pakistan and making music for this industry. Lollywood is blessed to have him as a music composer. On Eid-ul-Fitr, he released his single “Tu” featuring the breathtaking Mahira Khan.

Another fanboy of Mahira Khan!

Talking about featuring Mahira in his music video, Azaan shared he wanted the video to be “every fanboy’s dream.” Since the lyrics also give the same hint. Azaan said, “We wanted it to be every fanboy’s dream. So, we thought about who that ultimate woman in the subcontinent is, one who everyone has had crushed on at some point in their lives. And that’s when Mahira ma’am came to mind. She liked the song, and was kind enough to star in it.”

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Billie Jean Inspired?

The song has gorgeous and lit VFX effects, which makes it different. The lyrics are catchy and the tone is beautifully set and blended with the music. Since Pakistani need quality music with catchy tunes. This could be an anthem. Azaan Sami shares that this song is inspired by Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean. He shared with a local media outlet, “I remember when I used to listen to Billie Jean, it was the global dance track enjoyed by everyone. When I grew a bit older, I actually heard it again with the lyrics, and I realized how painfully sad and solemn the song is. Whenever we do dance tracks for films, they are mostly very upbeat and happy songs, sometimes very frivolous on a certain level with hardly any depth. So, with Tu, I thought of writing a serious song, with a beat to it.”

Tu by Azaan Sami Khan lyrics

Duniya ki khabron mein
Thora sa tha mein awaraa
Ho sakey to dil lagi khud se tu azma ly lana
Baray baroun ko dekha hai
Tujh pe girte marte yaara
Admi hoon mein bus
Yoon nazro se tu na behkana

Listen to the full song below