While thinking about yet another Punjabi song with a clichéd storyline and the same lyrical stream, we anticipated that Shani Arshad’s new song Ki Jana will be the same. However, after the video was released, we can confidently state that it exceeded our expectations and beyond that.

“Contractors of society and religion should realize that love has no faith, and amour has no caste,” says the video’s opening statement. Shani sings identical lyrics in the piece, which is accompanied by calming guitar and mandolin music.

Ki Jana by Shani Arshad

Ki Jana is a romantic ballad with a tragic twist. Sonya Hussyn and Mohsin Abbas Haider star as a newlywed pair in Nabeel Qureshi’s visual masterpiece, which was shot in the scorching and desolate region of Balochistan. Due to their various castes, statuses, or religions, the two appear to fall in love and encounter opposition from the girl’s family. They elope in an attempt to reunite, but the girl’s father follows them and catches them off a surprise. They are shot in the name of honor killing in the end. Through this picture, Nabeel Qureshi has done complete justice to Baba Bulleh Shah’s wonderful words.

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Shani Arshad’s soulful voice

Shani Arshad’s voice appeals to your emotions, while the images appeal to your senses. With her charm and strong presence, Sonya Hussyn is clearly the song’s star. She shoots everyone in her path as a newly married and bereaved wife but ultimately surrenders in front of her father.

Shani Arshad’s ‘Ki Jana‘ Copied By Brham Darya

Now comes the shocking part. Brham Darya went on to copy Shani Arshad’s tune “Ki Jana” frame-by-frame for the music video for his song Mood Happy.

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Ki jana and mood happy

It’s a shame, considering the video doesn’t change in any way from Shani Arshad’s original track.

Listen to the original song video by Shani Arshad:

Watch the plagiarised and copied video by Brham Darya here:

While we depend on India for our exports, Bollywood appears to lean on Pakistan for its film soundtrack. Despite being a massive business with hundreds of brilliant musicians of its own, Bollywood has viciously plagiarised Pakistani music throughout the years, duplicating it frame for frame and beat for a beat at times.

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