It is a fact that talent runs down in Wajahat Rauf’s family and no one can deny that. Along with that, there has been speculation that star kids are the product of nepotism. However, we believe that talent travels within you. And if you have the seed of it nobody can take that from you. The Chhalawa director has proven that just like him, his kids are also a gem for the Pakistani industry. 3 days ago Aashir Wajahat has released a banger “Kyun” featuring TikTok famed Romaisa Khan and we are all for it.

Aashir Wajahat

Aashir Wajahat is a Pakistani actor, singer and musician. Starting his career at a young age of nine. Aashir has appeared in numerous films, advertisements, music videos and telefilms. He also walks for Hum Fashion Week.

He has acted in feature films Karachi Se Lahore (2015), Lahore Se Aagey (2016) and played a notable role in Chhalawa (2019). In 2016, Aashir started his music career by singing a song “Tere Bina” in Lahore Se Aagey.

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Kyun by Aashir Wajahat ft Romaisa Khan

The song is a tale of heartbreak and sadness. Music elevates and features them both together. Where the artists seem to be fighting and breaking up. Like a regular breakup song. But the vocals and music shift the whole vibe of the song. Not only this, Humza Chaudry’s direction and cinematography are magnificent throughout the video. All the shots were perfectly timed. Especially the part where Romaisa burns the cloth and threw it away, it was indeed a gorgeous shot! The song is written and composed by Aashir and the rap part is sung by his younger brother Nayel. Somehow we felt that Nayel should be given some more lines to rap. But overall the song is a vibe!

Lyrics – Kyun by Ashir Wajahat ft Romaisa Khan and Nayel Wajahat

Oh meri jaaan Tu,
jitni lagay pass utni hi duur
Meri zaat paat meri jaan ke peechay hai Kyun
Oh meri jaan kyun
Batati jaa kyun.

Listen to the whole song here,