Falak Shabir’s Lagay Pyari out now!

Falak Shabir and Sarah Khan’s whirlwind romance isn’t showing any signs of slowing down, as the much-loved celebrity couple is still keen on showcasing their couple-goals to the world with their upcoming song.

The artist recently revealed that the couple is working on their second collaboration, a beautiful song called “Lagay Pyari,” which will be released later this year.

The Raqs-e-Bismil actor and Falak both announced the release of ‘Lagay Pyari’ on their respective Instagram accounts.

Sarah Khan captioned the poster, “#LAGAYPYARI IS OUT NOW!”

Who is Falak Shabir?

Falak Shabir is a multi-talented Pakistani singer who has been active in the Pakistani music industry for over a decade. His debut song “Rog” is his claim to fame, and since then he has released a string of superhit musical tracks, some of which have been featured in Bollywood films. Last year, Falak Shabir married Pakistani drama actress Sarah Khan, and the couple is expecting their first child together.

Lagay Pyari by Falak Shabir ft Sarah Khan

Falak released another video song “Lagay Pyari” in which he is seen saving his heroin Sarah Khan from the goons. The video is action-filled where you will be seeing gunshots, fistfights, and rescue.

Lyrics Lagay Pyari Falak Shabir

Saari raat mein karta hun

Tera intezaar sajni

Sniper lagdi ay

Teri nazar ki yeh takni

Kiun pyaar bhari

Jab dayen bayen se yun

mere guzar ke jaati hai

Even though the visuals and melody of the song are addictive and catchy. Falak still holds a standard style, with sunglasses and a pompadour, which is repetitive in most of his music videos. The video is a basic rescue of a kidnapped damsel in distress and that is it.

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Final thoughts

But the fact remains alive that Falak adores his wife Sarah with all his heart and his adoration for her gets its way on screen and ultimately on the audience too. He dedicates and channels all his love for Falak in these two lines, ‘tu mere geetan wargi hai, taahain lagay pyaari ni.’

Listen to the song below:

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