Pakistan has introduced a number of bands in the last few years forming a new wave of music for the fans. The band culture has been stronger than ever. We have many bands from branded musical shows now, which are creating great music and surely are passionate about what they do. Bayaan is one of those classic bands who are reviving the soul of progressive/alternative rock music in Pakistan garnering attention not just in Pakistan, but in the neighboring countries as well. The band needs no introduction as such but we will sing along as we go through the best of the best about this gorgeous band, together.

Bayaan – the band

Hailing from Lahore, Bayaan is a progressive/alternative rock band. Bayaan started its musical journey through a popular music show in Pakistan, Nescafe Basement. With Nescafe Basement, Bayaan released a few singles in Pakistan. Post Nescafe Basement, they came together to produce their own music.

Bayaan band members

The 5-member band consists of Asfar Hussain (vocalist), Haider Abbas (bassist), Shahrukh Aslam (guitarist), Muqeet Shahzad (guitarist), and Mansoor Lashari (drummer). Shahzad and Abbas grew up together and then moved to the underground music circuit and formed a band Bayaan there. Bayaan also has won the Pepsi Battle of the Bands Season 3 in 2018 pushing Xarb as runner ups.

Their discography includes many songs touching different topics. We are listing down our favourite tracks from their whole musical journey up till now.


Din Dhalay

A song that has a tendency to make you teary, the lyrics and the poetry behind Din Dhalay is extremely powerful. Perfectly encapsulating the experience of feeling stuck at one point, being unable to live in the present as the sands of time slip by.

Din Dhalay lyrics

Hoshon pe chaaya
Sochon ka saaya
Gharq fikr mein hai munn saara
Hosh bhi kum kum
Saansein bhi beydum
Umr naa-tamaam ho

Din Dhalay shaam ho
Din Dhalay shaam ho

Hum Nadaan

Hum Nadaan tells a story of cross-border differences and how people love hatred for nothing and how small this hatred is in front of hidden love. It tells no one is going to live for long but love stays and it will despite of religion, casts, or sects.

Hum Nadaan lyrics

Faani ho tum or ye jahan
Daaim raha hai kon yahan
Ishq hi hai noor-e-azal
Ishq hi rab, ishq baqa

Zindagi mukhtasar hai to pyar karein
Kyu larein kyu hum apna shikaar karein
Nasl aik, aik rooh tou kyu na shar chor kar
Raasta ishq ka ikhtiyaar karein?


This is a beautiful track from their Pepsi Battle of the bands series and it’s a song no matter what happens you are alive. The music video features a struggle of a musician and how beautiful the journey becomes when you have motivation around

Bekhabar lyrics

Sun raha hun goonj dharkan ki
Kesay dil ko pathhar maan lu?

Keh rahi hai, saanson ki qasam
Bekhabar, zinda ho tum

Zinda ho tum
Zinda hu mein

Teri Tasveer

Teri Tasveer is one of the most soulful tracks from their debut album ‘Suno.’ It’s a sad-romantic tale of an army man who lost his wife and baby during her delivery and the way the character wants to meet her just once and cherishes her memories is something that is amazingly told as a story for a music video. The lyrics get intense as the song progresses.

Teri Tasveer lyrics

Teri tasveer bana kar rungg bharun
Har pal ko teri jaageer karun
Neendon ke bina raatein meri
Kis sapnay ki taabeer karun

Kuch bhi na dikhay, ghayab jo tum
Andheyron pe tehreer likhun
Aajao agar saansein meri
Peiron ki tere zanjeer karun

Bayaan continues to make classy music with soulful lyrics and good music videos. Listen to the unplugged version of the Bayaan band right from the studios of SAMAA FM below.

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