We all practically grew up watching Tom chasing Jerry, and spending our weekend afternoons with their fun and action. But what if we tell you they are coming back sounds exciting right?

Tom and Jerry are back after years, and this time, they are having some trouble in the oldest hotels in New York! The trailer of the new Tom and Jerry film is out, and it brings back the old cat-and-mouse chase in a new fashion.

The trailer starts off by showing the two ending up in New York, following which Jerry decides to stay in a hotel which is throwing the “wedding of the century.”

The movie is animated partially, and this feature has the animals in the style of animation that we saw in our TV sets, but the rest of it is live-action, which gives this film an uncanny feel. With Jerry Mouse and Tom Cat as the centre of the story!

The cast also includes Chloe Grace Moretz, Michael Pena, Rob Delaney, Colin Jost, and Ken Jeong. Under the Warner Bros. The film is expected to hit theatres in 2021.