The digital world of content creation

The world has gone digital, and we see new things every day that take us by surprise. What is the secret of Instagram’s success? Without a question, it is the diversity and distinctiveness of the visual content that has been introduced. Users should use all of their creativity and abilities to offer something unique and visually appealing to others, as the modern audience isn’t content with blurry and low-quality photographs and movies. YouTube appears to be appealing, but how people make videos and keep their audiences engaged is the key. What are the best places to look for inspiration and what types of content are most popular? One method is to follow the finest Instagram content makers. Some people have discovered how to get more views and likes on their posts by making them stand out.

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In reality, anyone who posts original content on Instagram qualifies as a content creator. Those who have figured out what the audience wants and whose content caters to a specific set of people tend to gain more followers and become influencers in one of the niches.

Top 10 Pakistani viral content creators

Here we list down the top 10 viral content creators, both Instagram and YouTube.

1- Dananeer

Dananeer is a name that is well-known among social media users. Dananeer became well-known after her video ‘Pawry Horai Hai’ became viral on social media. The video was altered by Yashraj Mukhate, who added glitter on her fate stars. Her fan base has grown to millions of people as a result of this single video. She is an occasional singer as well. Her videos are praised by many. Currently, she is starring in a Pakistani drama called ‘Sinf-e-Aahan’ alongside Sajal, Kubra, Usman Mukhtar, and Ramsha Khan.

2- Irfan Junejo

Irfan Junejo persevered in the face of adversity to reach the pinnacle of the Pakistani YouTube world. His work is amazing, and his cinematography abilities are unquestionably the greatest! The YouTuber was acknowledged this year and was given a shoutout from the official YouTube channel. Not only that, but he recently stirred controversy when he expressed his views on the Palestine problem, with many misinterpreting his entire remark.

3- Mubashir Saddique

Mubashir Saddique is a Pakistani YouTuber and culinary vlogger who hails from the small village of Shahpur. His YouTube channel Village Food Secrets is well-known. He usually posts videos of traditional village dishes, but he also includes alternate recipes for modern cuisine and fast food, such as pizza, chicken wings, and cheeseburgers, that can be prepared with little resources in a rural setting. His entire family now makes money through vlogging, particularly his brothers, who have millions of followers. “Bismillah,” “Zindabad Mubasher Putter, Maza e aagya,” and other catchphrases appear in his videos.

4- Mooroo

Originally from Pakistan’s Lahore, Mooroo is a YouTuber, content creator, filmmaker, and musician from Pakistan. Mooroo is more than a singer, having recorded numerous compelling singles and a mellifluous solo album called Pehli just last year. He is a filmmaker who is known on the internet for filming hilarious sketches and a variety of off-beat music videos, in addition to writing thought-provoking and lovely songs. He is regarded as one of Pakistan’s vlogging pioneers because of his outstanding efforts. His vlogs are well-written and directed. He’s a talented and steady artist working in the Pakistani pop culture scene.

5- Romaisa Khan        

Romaisa Khan is a content creator who is well-known for her TikTok and Instagram accounts. She’s also known as the “Expression Queen.” Romaisa, who is currently a PISA 2021 award winner, uses her social media account to create viral content by following current trends and generating funny short clips. A “cute and goofy duayen after prayers” is one of her most renowned videos. Because of her large fan base and support from the public, she was also given the opportunity to star in the Pakistani drama Masters, which aired on Express TV!

6- Ali Gul Pir

Ali Gul Pir, the star of ‘Wadere Ka Beta’ and ‘Taaro Maroo,’ is in fifth place for all the right reasons. The Pakistani rapper, stand-up comedian, and television performer is also a mimic artist, in addition to being a brilliant content generator. He imitates viral videos in his own distinctive style on his Instagram account. In a handful of them, he wears a dupatta around his neck, keeping things raw and exceedingly informal, and, of course, humorous!

7- Ukhano

Ukhano is a well-known Pakistani YouTuber, Vlogger, and Photographer. Umer Khan is UKhano’s true name. His hometown is in Pakistan’s FATA region. In 2009, he began his photographic profession. The vlogger was involved in a fake harassment incident, which resulted in outrage. The artist, on the other hand, managed to stay afloat and pull himself out. Ukhano’s work is self-evident. He and his now-wife (who is a graphic designer) are living their life and producing high-quality stuff. His work is largely made up of travelogues and random facts about life.

8- Faiza Saleem

Faiza Saleem is a stand-up comedian, YouTuber, and digital content developer who is well-known in the comedy world. Faiza is a lawyer by trade, but she chose to pursue a career in comedy. She is one of The Khawatoons’ lead-artists. Her all-female improvement troupe has performed in Pakistan as well as abroad. She also made her acting debut in the Pakistani film Parchi, in which she played a small role.

Faiza Saleem got her start in humor when she created the “Pseudo Burger Diaries” and continues to make memes based on it. She then published her first video, ‘Baji…eww,’ which was inspired by the conflict between Defense and Nazimabad. Her topics include, among other things, deep-seated gender stereotypes and body shaming. She later joined “The Platoon,” an improv comedy team, and went on to conduct regular standup comedy gigs. After working in theatre and social media, she landed a role on television in Dildaariyaan as Rashk-e-Qamar. With her show Doodhpatti with Dadi and 2-minutes with Faiza Saleem, she has lately created an interview-based web series.

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9- Shahana Jan

Shahana Jan is an actor, content producer, and the pioneer of the “Bhainhood” movement in the United States, hailing from Islamabad. She is known for her feminism and is well-known on social media for her short videos defying toxic masculinity and patriarchy. She brings up sensitive topics and turns them into short videos that explain them. Her account is also very appealing. She is recognized for being outgoing, woke, and personable. Shahana launched a page called Bhainhood with her friend Mariam Saleem, where they allow women contributors to express themselves through their own artform. So far, all of their donors have been Pakistani women, most of whom live and work in Pakistan. She is proud of the platform because it demonstrates the strength of women supporting women.

10- Baekartoot by Zainab

Zainab’s Instagram profile, Baekartoot, is full of funny and inspiring content that will keep you browsing through her feed for more. Zainab Tariq started this project shortly after 2020, amid the shutdown. While the rest of the world was shutting down one by one, Zainab decided to throw some light into the situation by posting funny skits and films on social media that could brighten someone’s day. Zainab Tariq is a marketing graduate from the University of Brighton in England. Zainab began Baekartoot by delivering comedic sketches about typical brown difficulties that everyone faces. These drew a lot of attention since everyone could identify with them, and it was exhilarating to discover a new source of entertainment.

So who is one of your top 10 Pakistani viral content creators?

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