Music, a soulful bridge!

We always turn to music in difficult times. While the past few years may have favored international artists, 2022 has shown us that Pakistani artists are more than capable of dominating our playlists.

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This year, we observed people moving to the songs “Tu Jhoom” by Abida Perveen and Naseebo Lal and “Kahani Suno” by Kaifi Khalil, as well as learning a lot about new music from people and their listening habits.

Here are of most favourites from the year 2022, listed below.

Pasoori by Ali Sethi and Shae Gill

The song that became the national… no, not national… international sensation! Coke Studio season 14 Pakistan released Pasoori 10 months ago and during this span it garnered a whopping 447M views worldwide. The song is a beautiful tale full of vibrant colours and magical beats. Another talent Shae Gill also came as a surprise for many with her husky voice and beautiful locks. Everything was beyond magical with the song.

Faltu Pyar by Natasha Noorani and Hasan Raheem

This year, Natasha Noorani and Hasan Raheem’s song “Teray jhootay alfaaz, don’t be a dhokaybaaz” became our anthem, and you really can’t blame us. More importantly, the song is a bop, and we are happy that it exists.

We won’t be removing this song from our playlist anytime soon thanks to Raheem’s infectious smile. Moreover, the song’s reggaeton-like beat, and fresh upbeat feels.

Naya Naya by Bilal Maqsood

Strings calling it quits after 33 years as a band was one of the biggest heartbreak of all times. But in 2022, Faisal Kapadia’s song for Coke Studio and Bilal Maqsood’s solo track “Naya Naya” marked new beginnings for broken Strings.

While Kapadia was absent, “Naya Naya” transported us back to the Strings’ earlier years. Maqsood’s talk about the start of a new chapter in his life filled the song with all of his emotions.

Iraaday by Abdul Hannan

Well if you have not taken your girl out on a cute POV picnic and play Iraaday in the background, you should take notes…

This song by Abdul Hannan has gained popularity on Instagram and TikTok since its release. In the eight months since it was released, it has received 15 million views, and for good reason—the mood-lifting beats and oh-so-cute lyrics is all we need.

Habibi by Asim Azhar

Every year Asim releases a song and it becomes a sensation. Since because of his nice gesture and breathtaking charisma, he is pretty loved among the people. His song Habibi was hailed as the season’s “patch-up song.” We’ve been moving to it ever since it was released because it became a popular TikTok dance video!

Sukoon by Shae Gill, Hassan & Roshaan

The name of the song tells the tale itself. One of the most peaceful songs of the decade is Sukoon by Shae Gill, Hassan and Roshaan. With the aid of music, Sukoon’s vibe can help you forget about the outside world and heal. The music video is a vibe in itself ngl! Watch it for yourself and gather a peaceful aura around you.

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Kahani Suno 2.0 by Kaifi Khalil

Boy, oh boy! Kaifi Khalil, what a sensation! After Kana Yaari’s performance we knew Kaifi is here to stay. Kahani Suno is one of the most famous tracks on TikTok and Social Media. Every romantic heart is humming it around and we say why not? The song creates magic when it starts! The only bad part about it that it ends!

Bach Ke by Talwiinder and Hasan Raheem

This must be included for us without a doubt. One of the Indian artists born in the US is Talwiinder. And this collaboration is among the best things that have ever happened to the music business. The music is upbeat. Featuring catchy beats, neon visuals, and a feeling of connection between the two artists. Our favourite song of the year is without a doubt this one.

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So who is your favourite artist?

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