Ushna Shah defends Midsummer Chaos

Out of all the outrage of the recent chaotic 3 episodes of Midsummer Chaos, Ushna Shah jumps into support for the series.

The actor took to Twitter and posted, “disclaimer: I haven’t seen it yet. would like for people to have context: it is made by a teenager, about teenagers, FOR teenagers. It’s a kid’s first passion project & he is inspired by the world he grew up in. We should applaud him for chasing his dream! 1/2.”

The second part of her Tweet stated that “2/2 What were WE doing at his age? This kid was a journalist at the age of 13, & is now directing. In my opinion, this is excellent parenting! Keep going Ahmed & don’t let anyone break your spirit, I see a VERY bright future ahead of you, inshallah.”

Midsummer Chaos became a center for memes shortly after its first episode that aired on YouTube two weeks ago. It is a story about a bunch of sleazy teenagers in Islamabad.

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Many viewers found it too unrealistic. They argued that girlfriend problems, Instagram fame, liquor, revealing clothes, and pretentious accents in the series didn’t quite reflect Pakistani teenagers. And it’s not just about that. The series lacking many major problems that contain editing, cinematography, poorly delivered dialogues, and scene transitions. Maybe Ushna should watch the series first.

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