Criticism over criticism

Celebrities have started to criticize Rosie Gabrielle over her rigid stance over Hunza and now it’s Ushna Shah lashing out. Earlier Rosie Gabrielle heavily criticized the ‘Hunza Verse musical festival’ that was marketed and arranged by The Eventum as a yoga, arts, and music festival, but was a gimmick. Instead, there was a rave, party, concert, alcohol, drugs, pills, trash, and bands calling off at the last moment for witnessing a possible case of harassment. The event organizing company denied all the claims after the day it was raised. However, many pictures and videos are circulating on social media.

Ushna Shah lashes out on Rosie Gabrielle  

Ushna Shah shared a story and lashes out. She wrote, “You know what we don’t appreciate? Judgemental, condescending “white savior” wannabes. We don’t need you to ‘fix us.’ Govt. of Pakistan needs to stop handing out YouTube visas.”

Ushna Shah lashes out on Rosie Gabrielle

Rosie Gabrielle in her stories gives a response to people who have been labeling her different names and even slut-shaming her.

Rosie Gabrielle ushna hunza

Rosie Gabrielle also said that, “And people calling me a white foreign traveler with white privilege. I have traveled more of this country than 98% of Pakistanis. I LIVE here and I married a Pakistan. My children will be Pakistan and I am responsible citizen of this country who’s doing my best efforts to HELP in areas that are neglected and need light shed. And I believe I have done ENOUGH positive things for this country for the last few years on my own efforts and dime. Most of you all agree. So do not send me your garbage. I will screenshot your account and share.”

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People and celebrities should take up responsibility of changing the society rather than criticizing each other on social media platforms. Everybody is responsible for their own actions and their own stance.

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