There were days when I used to hook on Aag TV to watch “Dreamers,” the reason maybe Aagha Ali [chuckles]. But later I came to know that I longed for quality content on television and I still do. Pakistani industry desperately needs quality content both in dramas and in movies.

But now along the lines of movies, we are now seeing a massive change, a good change. Giving a whole lot of credits to the director Wajahat Rauf would not be wrong at all. He practically saved the industry with colourful, lively content for films, and for TV as well.

Wajahat Rauf is one happy man. His personality outshines not as a director but as a person aswell. He is a known as a Pakistani film director, actor, screenwriter, producer and musician. He has directed commercially successful films, including Karachi Se Lahore (2015), Lahore Se Aagey (2016) and Chhalawa (2019). During his tenure as Aag TV’s head he gave special attention given to music, and he himself released a song in 2011, Shikwa. He has produced over 25 television dramas.

We all know the “Voiceover Man,” and how he has made a benchmark with “HAAN JEE.” With mastering the genre of comedy and remains one of the most grounded human beings. RJ Sara Baloch talked with the director about life these days, his early days and much more…

While talking about his older times heading the channel Aagtv, he shared how excited it was for him as a newbie, since his love for music was evident and the knack for direction and filmmaking stood him out from the rest and he enjoyed his journey there. He also shared how launching plenty of fun shows was a dream for him and it came true.


While sharing about his journey as a “Voiceover Man,” he said “I have a multiple personality disorder, I came to know about this 3 years ago but my wife [Shazia] says, ke mujhay shuru se hai.” He also added, “Loug mujhay ab rokte hain lekin as a director nahe, balkey as a Voiceover Man, jo meri personality ka hissaa ban chukka hai.”

While talking about the content TV is producing, he said that “TV ka content social media ke content se different hai, but I believe ke content different houna chhaiye interesting houna chahiye nahe tou koi nahe dekheyga usko.”

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