Seems like we are going to witness sports cars in Pakistan more frequently now! This is because Volkswagen will officially start producing vehicles in Pakistan in 2022. Volkswagen with several renowned brands under its umbrella includes Bugatti, Lamborghini, Porsche, and Audi… The German automotive giant is the largest car manufacturer in the world.

According to a Volkswagen Premier Motors representative, the company will start off by introducing “Amarok,” a pickup truck that comprises single and double cabins akin to those featured in the Toyota Hilus Revo.

Volkswagen was all set to establish its manufacturing plant in Hub Pakistan, but the initial plans got delayed by eight months because of the Coronavirus pandemic. Other offering by VW will include “Transporter,” a van which is similar to Suzuki APV.

Volkswagen is entering the Pakistani market in partnership with ‘Premier Motors,’ which was established two years ago as a subsidiary of Premier Systems and has been selling Audi cars in Pakistan for the last 15 years.