She began talking about what ‘Movember’ is and how for the whole month of November men do not trim or shave their beards and moustache as a symbol to represent their mental and physical health problems. She further talked about how important it is to create awareness about men, who don’t generally share their problems and ailments with anyone and a perception has been created that they will get over it by themselves. And how stressful it is for them to go through different problems without any help or solutions. 

She stressed that emotional and mental health is as important as physical health, especially cardiovascular health in men, and Movember is not just related to spreading awareness about prostrate or testicular cancer, but every issue related to men’s health.

She encouraged everyone to support the cause and spread awareness about Movember. She ended up with a note that “Men like any other gender deserve to be given that comfort, that support, that their physical, mental and emotional health is important, and it needs to be taken care of”.

Watch her below: