After the massive Blackout Tweet Parade, imagine something which is trending on Twitter that too is related to our own privacy breach. Pakistani memers mafia has taken a fun take over the whole “data breach terms and conditions policy” and turn the whole thing into a massive giggle-bunch.

What could have been expected? Pakistani memers and generally audience tackle everything very normally and do not make it a big-big deal.

Twitter is trending with the hashtag “WhatsApp Headquarters.” It is a fun take on how Whatsapp will react to lame things Pakistani do on a regular basis on Whatsapp! Let’s have a look at what this Twitter trend is all about!

Some people have been seen to posting to boycott WhatsApp on WhatsApp stories

From love life crisis to general student problems, WhatsApp Headquarters will now be seeing some extra lame conversations dragged from Pakistani accounts!

And adding some subtle political touch to it.

Someone just tell them IT’S ALL CONNECTED!

To add some more fun, some people have started sharing Signal app’s link on WhatsApp!

Well, whatever this whole scenario is, we really hope that our data will be safe whichever technology we utilize, and meanwhile, people are making their shift, let us enjoy these memes! Which are funny and at the same time entertaining!