The love for cooking is a passion and not everyone excels in it. And the ones who do are artists on their own. Juggling work life and mom-life is a task, but when you dream to fly high, fate gives in. Chef Zahra Khan is one go-getter!

Chef Zahra Khan

Zahra Khan has united her deep rooted enthusiasm for baking and her adoration for craftsmanship to ‘Feya.’ Hailing from Lahore Pakistan, Zahra was 10 years of age when she baked her first cake without any preparation and from that point forward her enthusiasm for baking has just prospered and sprouted by working at a few foundations in Toronto and London. In 2015, Zahra graduated from Gordon Ramsay’s private school Tante Marie, with a Le Cordon Bleu diploma just as winning the honor for the best celebration cake. She opened Feya in May 2018 with plans to develop the brand further.

Zahra Khan

Where motherhood meets dreams

An entrepreneur, chef, and a mother. Zahra started young Zahra Khan is the sole founder of progressive London areas of interest Feya Café and DYCE London. At only 29 years old, she is Mother to two girls younger than two, and a pioneer in the development towards female equity in business.

Zahra introduced her debut eatery, Feya Café Bond Street, only months after the introduction of her first little girl in 2018.

Following extraordinary achievement, Feya Knightsbridge was opened one after another, trailed by DIY dessert parlor and interior masterpiece; DYCE, in 2019. DYCE serves to dream sweet treats by serving ice cream, donuts, brownies, bubble teas, and milkshakes.

Zahra Khan and innovation

Feya has without a doubt been following and setting new patterns in the hospitality business. In 2019, Yelp’s web-search tool has enrolled a rising interest in floral-infused food and beverages, an interest that Feya already meets since 2018, for instance with its lavender white chocolates and rose milk cake.

Feya Cares with women empowerment

Even though the pandemic has taken a toll of most of the people and disturbed a whole lot of businesses altogether, Zahra changed the narrative. She along with her team developed Feya Corporate Social Responsibility. The team introduced ‘Feya Cares,’ an initiative that promises to end gender gaps in business world to support young women.

Chef Zahra Khan in 30 Under 30 Forbes list

Khan has now made it to Forbes 30 Under 30 Europe List in the retail and E-commerce category. This title places her amongst the world’s most impactful and game changing entrepreneurs.

Zahra also aims to create 400 job opportunities for women and spread the message of empowerment. Along with various societal pressures, Zahra proves that nothing is impossible and dreams can come true.


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Zahra Khan is the sole founder of innovative London hotspots Feya Café and DYCE London. She is an experienced chef, a young entrepreneur, and a mother.

Feya Café, her first restaurant, debuted on Bond Street barely months after her first baby was born in 2018. The award-winning DIY dessert parlor and interior masterpiece DYCE debuted in rapid succession after exceptional popularity, followed by the flagship Feya Knightsbridge in December 2019.

Zahra Khan is the sole proprietor of Feya Café and DYCE, two of London’s most popular restaurants. She is a mother of two girls, an exceptional graduate of the legendary Tante Marie Culinary Academy, and a trailblazer in the campaign for gender equality in business at the age of 29.

Her exceptional abilities as an entrepreneur, chef, and mother have earned her nominations for the NatWest Everywomen Awards 2020 (The Artemis Award), London Business Mother of the Year 2020 (Venus Awards), National Women’s Business Awards 2020 (Business Owner of the Year and Businesswoman of the Year), and Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2019 (National Women’s Business Awards) (Federation of Small Businesses UK).