Xulfi taking charge of Coke Studio

A ray of hope for music lovers as Nescafe Basement’s producer and Musician Xulfi aka Zulfiqar Jabbar Khan is now the new producer for the upcoming season of Coke Studio season 14.

“Shuru Karein?” read a tweet by Coke Studio (Let’s begin?). Xulfi was tagged in it.


Furthermore, the Laari Chooti singer responded with a smile emoji, confirming the news!

The anticipation

The well-known music show is set to return for another season however there has been plenty of secrets about who might be delivering the much-anticipated season.

Moreover, prior to the year the keyboardist, record maker, the beloved Rohail Hyatt said his goodbyes to the franchise. This was during a Twitter trade with a fan, who communicated worry about who might be delivering the new season particularly considering the disbandment of Strings. In a similar trade, the Vital Signs originator likewise proceeded to name Xulfi as the most ideal decision to deliver the show.

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Twitter is filled with trends and love for all the seasons of Coke Studio altogether. A user tweeted,

Another user tweets,

Another user tweets that he feels excited about Coke Studio season 14,

For this season, even we can’t wait for updating our playlists,

Hyatt launched Coke Studio in 2008, he announced a break from the franchise in 2013. He returned for the 12th and 13th seasons in 2019 and 2020. He is one of the founding members of the former band Vital Signs, which featured the late Junaid Jamshed as a vocalist. And now he is passing the torch to another great musician.