We all know Yasir Hussain always wants to stay in the limelight of the industry. Usually negative. He might be a good comedy artist, but he time to time he lands himself into problems. From his extremely disturbing body-shaming remarks to his derogatory jokes. He ruffles feathers.

Yasir Hussain being transphobic

It was a transphobic comment first where Yasir blatantly took to his social media when one of the fans commented on his picture that: ‘Why don’t you guys hire Actual Transgenders?’ to which he mocked the fan and replied, ‘Matlab app ko job chahiye?’

At that point he trolled Hania Aamir for her skin acne related issues on Instagram, not just this, he likewise referenced in a meeting with a local media outlet that Hania and different actors who were supporting her on the last discussion over his remarks on her skins were doing this for fame.

Yasir Hussain triggering remark on child abuse

A few years back Yasir Hussain had also triggered the audience with his inappropriate joke where in HUM awards show 2017, After Ahsan Khan won the award for Best Actor in a negative role for drama serial ‘Udaari,’ based on the childhood sexual abuse. Yasir remarked that, ‘itna khoobsurat child molester, kash mein bhi bacha hota.’

Trolling Mahira Khan

He also unleashed his wrath on Mahira Khan, for her acting. One of his fans asked him Iqra or Mahira, to which he said, “obviously Iqra, Mahira agar acting seekh lein toh Mahira.”

The marriage of Yasir Hussain and Iqra Aziz

And then he managed to find a girl, and married her too. Yes, he married Iqra Aziz.

The couple dated for a few years before their marriage. And the proposal itself divided the internet. When the ‘should-have-been private moment itself got negative limelight. For Pakistani society that is highly obsessed with marriage, it is full of haters. Trolls came down tough on the couple.

Iqra Aziz and Yasir Hussain are parents to be

The couple who loves to troll and getting trolled are finally becoming parents. The couple announced the news with the pictures of their baby shower on social media.

The happy news was announced by the Ranjha Ranjha Kardi actor on social media on Sunday. She also shared a cute picture of her and Yasir. The baby is due July 2021. In the picture, Iqra can be seen with her baby bump.

Heartiest felicitations to the couple and we really hope Yasir Hussain will stop being a little “too Yasir” in the future.