The users of YouTube and Google Search are facing immense frustration from an hour with the application along with the search engine currently down and not working. The problem appeared to have started around 4pm appeared in India first. And now thousands of users are now unable to use this service.

The online platform that provides users with realtime information about the status of various websites DownDetector reported a huge amount of complains by the users.


People using Gmail are also complaining their service being down. Twitter is filled with complaints and memers have taken over the media apps that are currently working!

People have been reporting Google Drive being down including Gmail all its services.

Memers have gone frenzy over Twitter – tweeting and trolling other apps! 

Some people believe that the “end is here”

Some believe that we have entered into the “Prehistoric Life”

So what are your plans for tonight when everything else has gone into a complete blackout?