Zaid Ali is one of the oldest and entertaining Youtube vloggers on YouTube since 2014. He has made the most hilarious Punjabi mom videos while wearing a small dupatta around his head with proper Punjabi accent and funniest expressions. He found his soulmate Yumnah, and married her 3 years ago and the couple shares their vlogs together since then.

Zaid Ali and Yumnah Ali share the gender of the baby!

The couple announces the news of the pregnancy in a video together where they were seen telling the news to their friends and family. The couple is excited and now they have both announced the gender of the baby!

The baby gender announcement

The Canadian-Pakistan vlogger couple shared their baby’s gender in a vlog on Tuesday. The couple has been expecting the child for five months now.

The video named “Our baby gender reveal!” followed the Canadian-Pakistani YouTuber and his wife disclosing the gender to their loved ones on an occasion overflowing with happiness. Moreover, Zaid Ali had recently shared an image of his pregnant spouse on Instagram. That announces the uplifting news, inscribing it, “Excited to start this new chapter of life with you.”


Zaid Ali and Yumnah are having a boy!

The couple announced that they are having a boy. Zaid shares a heartfelt post on Instagram with a picture popping blue confettis all over with a caption, “This was one of the happiest moments of my life. It was the moment we knew a small Zaid is coming into this world shortly. I pray that Allah gives this happiness to everyone in their lives.”

Whereas, Yumnah shares a beautiful post on her Instagram, “Thank you so much, everyone, for the lovely wishes! Boy/ girl, health/ ability is all in Allah’s hands. Every child should be loved and treated equally, regardless of their gender, ability, or skin color! All Children are a test for their parents and I pray that we are good parents to this baby and this baby grows to be a good human being!”

Zaid Ali’s sister Amna Tahir also shares an endearing post on Instagram captioning, “We are so excited to welcome the new addition to our family in a couple of months! Introducing Phuppa and Phupho, Hassan and I. Do you think I’ll make a good Phupho? The gender reveal party was amazing and here’s a picture from it ft. my brother and sister-in-law. My family uploaded gender reveal videos so make sure to check them all out!”

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Congratulations to the happy couple!

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