A new era for Google Workspace with AI

Google has created practical tools that people use every day for almost 25 years, including Search, Maps, Gmail, and Documents in Google Workspace. Building goods that have earned a valuable position in people’s lives has benefited greatly from AI.

Furthermore, with features like Smart Compose and Smart Reply, summaries for Documents, making users look more professional in meetings, and staying safe from malware and phishing attempts, developments in AI are already assisting our 3 billion users in saving more time across our whole productivity suite.

AI feature for Google docx

Users of Workspace will soon be able to employ generative AI to create, connect, and interact in ways that have never been possible thanks to Google. To select testers, Google is releasing the first set of writing features driven by AI in Documents and Gmail.

The goal of Workspace is to genuinely link people so they can build, create, and grow together. Recent developments in generative AI are giving us new approaches to accomplish this goal.

Throughout the year, Google starts rolling out new generative-AI experiences to its trusted testers.

These functions will enable you to:

  • Draft, reply, summarize, and prioritize your Gmail.
  • Brainstorm, proofread, write, and rewrite in Docs.
  • Bring your creative vision to life with auto-generated images, audio, and video in Slides.
  • Go from raw data to insights and analysis via auto-completion, formula generation, and contextual categorization in Sheets.
  • Generate new backgrounds and capture notes in Meet to enable workflows for getting things done in Chat.

AI generative writings in Google Gmail and Docs

Artificial AI is being incorporated into Documents and Gmail to aid users in beginning their writing. Imagine being new in a world of remote internships and even newer to writing and how much is this feature going to help new writers!

Workspace saves you the time and work of writing that first version, whether you’re a busy HR professional who needs to produce personalised job descriptions or a parent preparing the invitation for their child’s pirate-themed birthday party. Simply type the subject you want to write about, and a draught will be created for you right away. Moreover, you can keep editing and refining with your cooperative AI partner. Furthermore, adding more suggestions as necessary.

Google Gmail is revolutionizing!

Google is offering new generative AI capabilities to assist users in rewriting for these typical scenarios, including composing a challenging email and many more. You can select the “I’m feeling lucky” option in Gmail if you want to let AI test out a brand-new, playful voice. Moreover, there is a formalise tab in the email box that the user may use to begin composing emails.

Google AI

User Control

The AI Generative features follow Google’s AI Principles, which put the user in charge by letting AI make suggestions that they may approve, amend, and change. In addition, Google is providing the necessary administrative controls so that IT may establish the appropriate rules for their company.

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