LinkedIn gets free verified badges for workplace

An update for LinkedIn

LinkedIn, which is now controlled by Microsoft, is introducing a free mechanism for users to verify their identity and place of employment. The alternatives for verification include using CLEAR to demonstrate your identity, confirming your workplace using an email address, and obtaining free digital workplace IDs through Microsoft’s Entra-verified ID platform.

You won’t have to pay to acquire verifications that will appear on your LinkedIn page, unlike Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. If your organization currently uses Entra, you can authenticate your workplace by using a company-issued email address or by using Microsoft Entra.

Authenticate your LinkedIn experience!

LinkedIn and CLEAR have teamed up to make it possible for you to securely authenticate your identity if you wish to. If you use CLEAR, you’ll be able to show on your LinkedIn profile that your identity has been verified using a US government-issued ID and US phone number.

LinkedIn will emphasize verifications on profiles with a green and blue tick, but it doesn’t seem to be going above to offer a badge that appears next to your name on all of LinkedIn.

HR to home!

Since hiring has frequently taken place remotely over the past few pandemic years and more organizations are utilizing cloud technologies, it is obvious that online credential verification is necessary. Since it is all based on open standards, Microsoft’s Entra Verified ID system, which is now utilized by LinkedIn, can be integrated with a wide range of identification and HR systems.

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As long as they work for one of the supported over 4,000 firms, all LinkedIn members can now request verification via company email. At the end of April, the Microsoft Entra verification will be made available to 2 million LinkedIn users.

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Most influential readers’ choice: Shah Rukh Khan beats Messi, Harry and Meghan in 2023 poll

Shah Rukh Khan winning hearts all over again!

Shah Rukh Khan, a Bollywood actor, has been named the winner of the 2023 TIME100 reader poll, which honours the world’s most important people. Khan garnered 4% of the more than 1.2 million votes cast, defeating well-known individuals like footballer Lionel Messi, actor Michelle Yeoh, and athlete Serena Williams, among others.

With over 100 film roles under his belt and a reputation as Bollywood’s beloved romantic hero, Khan has solidified his status as a legend and an international icon in the entertainment industry. The success of his most recent movie, Pathaan, which came out earlier this year, is confirmed by its nearly $130 million global box office haul.

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Healthcare workers came in third in the TIME100 reader poll, behind Iranian women fighting for more freedoms from the country’s Islamic administration. Football player Lionel Messi finished in fifth, followed by Prince Harry and Meghan, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, who were among the noteworthy individuals in fourth place.

Spare, a book by Prince Harry that recently made headlines, and Archetypes, a podcast hosted by Meghan Markle that promotes women’s and anti-racism rights. Contrarily, Messi has received several honors, including seven Ballon d’Or medals and his first World Cup victory in 2022.

Khan’s victory is evidence of his influence on the global entertainment sector. He will act in the next Atlee Kumar film Jawan, which also stars Vijay Sethupathi, Nayanthara, and Sanjay Dutt in a cameo role. The actor is currently working on a different production called Dunki.

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Doge takes over Twitter as Elon Musk replaces app’s iconic bird

Doge takes over the blue Twitter bird

The social media platform has changed its recognisable blue bird logo to a doge meme in what might be a late April Fools’ joke or Twitter CEO Elon Musk exercising his belief that nothing is more eye-catching than a dog picture.

Doge meme aka Kabosu Shiba Inu!

The Shiba Inu named Kabosu, who served as the model for the notorious doge meme, is featured right at the top of the Twitter homepage. The first instance of the meme was in 2010, when an amusing image of Kabosu went popular online. People began calling it “doge,” which ultimately served as the model for the 2013-founded cryptocurrency “Dogecoin.”

Musk also posted a screenshot with the caption “As promised”, showing a conversation between him and a Twitter user where he suggested Musk “just buy Twitter” and “change the bird logo to a doge”. To this, Musk responded: “Haha that would sick”.

Given that the update was released in the midst of a [$258 million racketeering lawsuit][2] accusing him of running a pyramid scam to promote Dogecoin, Musk made a brave move.

To commemorate the news, DogeCoin’s official Twitter account published a very 2010 meme.

Here comes the trolling…

Musk’s most recent action has surprised many online users.

Another one shares,

Change the name already Musk,

Calling him smart!

The recognisable blue bird is already missed. No matter how cute the doge is, we’re #TeamBlueBird.

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Shook by Tremors: Celebrities pray for earthquake victims

Earthquake jolts Pakistan!

A powerful earthquake that shook several areas of Pakistan on March 21 left at least 44 injured and nine dead in the northwest of the country.

The magnitude 7.7 earthquake, which occurred about 9:30 PM on Tuesday and lasted for more than 30 seconds, was felt more than 2,000 kilometers away in New Delhi, India, according to the United States Geological Survey. The aftershock followed was 6.5 magnitude felt in Islamabad.

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Since then, a lot of famous people have used their social media accounts to express their concern and support for the earthquake victims.

Celebrities pray for the victims

Singer Ali Zafar hoped everyone remained safe. “I hope everyone is okay. Prayers for all,” he tweets

“Earthquake! Oh God, please bless. Hope everyone is doing well,” tweeted seasoned performer Samina Peerzada.

Hamza Ali Abbasi used a verse from a religious text to describe the earthquake. While Iffat Omar, a former model, made fun of those who attribute earthquakes to women’s attire. Who was wearing jeans today, she enquired.

Bilal Ashraf posts,

The Shikwa crooner, Natasha Baig posts,

Mawra Hocane posts quranic verses from Surah Az-Zalzalah,

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Babar Azam to receive prestigious Civil Award in Pakistan

Babar Azam to receive Sitara-e-Imtiaz

The captain of Pakistan, will get the coveted civil award in recognition of his outstanding services to Pakistan’s cricket as a captain and a top batter.

The ace cricketer will get Sitara-e-Imtiaz at the young age of 28, honouring his excellent accomplishments.

Babar will now receive the Sitara-e-Imtiaz award, as previously announced by the Pakistani government. The award ceremony will commence on March 23, 2023, Pakistan Day.

The right-hand batter won’t be playing in the series against Afghanistan. Which is set to begin on March 24, so he will take a break from playing cricket to attend the ceremony.

A role model!

Babar Azam has established himself as a role model for young cricketers. Additionally, this accolade is a reflection of his commitment to and labour of love in the sport.

The Pakistani government has also awarded the renowned Sitara-e-Imtiaz title to a number of other outstanding cricketers from Pakistan.

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Importantly, this third-highest civil honor in the country has been given to Misbah-ul-Haq, Younis Khan, Shahid Afridi, and Sarfraz Ahmed for their great services to cricket.

Only four other cricketers had previously won the Sitara-e-Imtiaz award for their outstanding athletic accomplishments. They include Inzamam ul Haq in 2005, Mohammad Yousuf in 2011, Saeed Ajmal in 2015, Javed Miandad in 1992.

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A new era for AI and Google Workspace

A new era for Google Workspace with AI

Google has created practical tools that people use every day for almost 25 years, including Search, Maps, Gmail, and Documents in Google Workspace. Building goods that have earned a valuable position in people’s lives has benefited greatly from AI.

Furthermore, with features like Smart Compose and Smart Reply, summaries for Documents, making users look more professional in meetings, and staying safe from malware and phishing attempts, developments in AI are already assisting our 3 billion users in saving more time across our whole productivity suite.

AI feature for Google docx

Users of Workspace will soon be able to employ generative AI to create, connect, and interact in ways that have never been possible thanks to Google. To select testers, Google is releasing the first set of writing features driven by AI in Documents and Gmail.

The goal of Workspace is to genuinely link people so they can build, create, and grow together. Recent developments in generative AI are giving us new approaches to accomplish this goal.

Throughout the year, Google starts rolling out new generative-AI experiences to its trusted testers.

These functions will enable you to:

  • Draft, reply, summarize, and prioritize your Gmail.
  • Brainstorm, proofread, write, and rewrite in Docs.
  • Bring your creative vision to life with auto-generated images, audio, and video in Slides.
  • Go from raw data to insights and analysis via auto-completion, formula generation, and contextual categorization in Sheets.
  • Generate new backgrounds and capture notes in Meet to enable workflows for getting things done in Chat.

AI generative writings in Google Gmail and Docs

Artificial AI is being incorporated into Documents and Gmail to aid users in beginning their writing. Imagine being new in a world of remote internships and even newer to writing and how much is this feature going to help new writers!

Workspace saves you the time and work of writing that first version, whether you’re a busy HR professional who needs to produce personalised job descriptions or a parent preparing the invitation for their child’s pirate-themed birthday party. Simply type the subject you want to write about, and a draught will be created for you right away. Moreover, you can keep editing and refining with your cooperative AI partner. Furthermore, adding more suggestions as necessary.

Google Gmail is revolutionizing!

Google is offering new generative AI capabilities to assist users in rewriting for these typical scenarios, including composing a challenging email and many more. You can select the “I’m feeling lucky” option in Gmail if you want to let AI test out a brand-new, playful voice. Moreover, there is a formalise tab in the email box that the user may use to begin composing emails.

Google AI

User Control

The AI Generative features follow Google’s AI Principles, which put the user in charge by letting AI make suggestions that they may approve, amend, and change. In addition, Google is providing the necessary administrative controls so that IT may establish the appropriate rules for their company.

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Friday Flix movie review of the Week: Mission Majnu

Adaab, it’s Mission Majnu time!

Mission Majnu, a historical-fiction action-adventure domestic-drama romance spy-comedy set during the tense political/military standoff between India and Pakistan in the 1970s, is another genre-mash from Bollywood that is strange to Westerners but otherwise on-brand. As deep-cover spies infiltrate foreign governments in an effort to avert nothing short of nuclear freak war, the director Shantanu Bagchi refrains just short of launching into musical numbers, which may be an act of restraint by Bollywood standards.

Mission Majnu – cast

The cast includes Sidharth Malhotra and Rashmika Mandanna in lead roles. The cast also include Parmeet Singh, Zakir Hussain, Kumod Mishra, Sharib Hashmi and others.


The background of the nuclear arms race between India and Pakistan that followed the Indo-Pakistani War of 1971 is explained by a narrator who claims to be the head of RAW, the Research and Analysis Wing, or India’s equivalent of the CIA. Even though India prevailed, tension persisted, especially after that country’s successful nuclear bomb test in 1974, which prompted Pakistan to start covertly working on its own atomic bomb technology.

A tailor or a spy? who could tell??!!

In this scene, Tariq (Sidharth Malhotra), a straightforward man from Rawalpindi, Pakistan, is introduced. He begs a tailor for a menial job in his shop and falls in love with Nasreen (Rashmika Mandanna), the tailor’s blind niece, who undoubtedly sixth senses how attractive he is. Her every move is graceful, the music fills the scene, and the movie stops just short of showing cartoon hearts fluttering around Tariq’s bewildered and smitten head. This tells you that Tariq fell in love at first sight.

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Amandeep in deep troubles!

Tariq and Nasreen eventually get married and lead a very, very simple life while living off the meagre wages of sub-tailors. The ideal disguise for an Indian RAW agent, yo! Tariq is in trouble; his real name is Amandeep Singh. Nasreen is currently pregnant, and despite the fact that she is unaware that he is a spy assigned to locate the uranium enrichment plant and inform the Indian government of its location, his love for her is very, very genuine.

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The missions and comedy

As a result, Amandeep never appears to be at home or at the tailor shop, and Nasreen never stops to wonder what he does at all hours of the day and night. Israel is preparing an airstrike on what it believes to be the nuclear plant, and Pakistan experiences a comically nondramatic military coup, raising tensions with India. Amandeep is under pressure to keep his string of crazy schemes together and avert a terrible, terrible war. Can he accomplish it?

Watch the trailer:

Final Verdict

Mission Majnu is a humorous movie if you’re a Pakistani and watching it! Sidharth does a great job in his acting. His smile and facial expressions truly mesmerise the audience. You might want to say “adaab” and give it a five-star rating if you’re an Indian. We give it a 2.5.

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Thursday Tunes: Hasan Raheem spreading chilled up vibes with his debut album Nautanki

Nautanki by Hasan Raheem

I imagine that there aren’t many people in K-town who are unaware of Hasan Raheem anymore. The “Paisa” crooner rose to fame when, in January 2021, his song “Aisay Kaisay” unexpectedly and greatly gained popularity first in India and then in Pakistan, bringing a fresh RnB soul to a non-indie friendly nation. Since then, Hasan Raheem has been on the rise. Songs after songs, concerts after concerts his fan following sky-rocketed.

A new gem for a crown, debut album!

And Hasan Raheem is back with his new debut “Nautanki.” The singer has been building anticipation for this album for weeks, and it is now also available in its entirety on YouTube. The album has thus far garnered a great deal of praise. Additionally, this is Hasan Raheem’s debut studio album.

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First thoughts

Singer has kept his word and released a 9-track album with a variety of moods. It surely got us grooving. “Nautanki” features a number of upbeat songs rife with romance, drama, and angst. The song names got us giggling with Kaleji, Accusations, DIBS, Dil fareb, IDK, Fursat, Tareekhi, and ofcourse Nautanki!

The album’s lead song with the same name, collocates a variety of jazzy and pop elements and argues in favour of impromptu music that simultaneously confuses and amuses listeners.

The forever favourite ones…

My favourite was unquestionably DIBS. The melody transported me to slower-paced Roosevelt times in the early 2000s. The lyrics are enjoyable to hear as well.

However, Tareekhi was the song I adored the most. When I first heard it, the combination of fast pop and a slow beat and tempo caught me off guard, and I immediately looped it. There is no denying how well Raheem and Abdullah Kasumbi complement each other. The comfort he feels around Kasumbi is evident in his songs. I adore the songs he performs with Talal Qureshi. He is also a priceless find, particularly for Raheem.

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DIBS by Hasan Raheem lyrics,
Sarey dibs on you,
Phir bhi kyun nai meri tu,
Banja meri baby boo,
Main tera aur meri tu.

Tareekhi lyrics,
Saaya tera jabsey gaya,
Tabsey mera har din naya,
Kehna jo tha wo keh diya,
Parda karlaingay jaan e jaan.

In a clip that Spotify also released, Hasan talks about his musical journey, which he started while pursuing a medical degree.

So which track did you like the most from the album?

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Celebrating a Decade of Excellence, as Mera FM 107.4 turns 10!

Project Implementation Managers (Pvt) Ltd.                                            22/12/2022

Mera FM 107.4 turns 10

Mera FM 107.4. is turning 10! With unparalleled brilliance and nonstop music, Mera FM 107.4 has always offered the best service. The frequency demonstrated its abilities across all platforms. And this time with the theme “10 saal ka saath Mera FM ke saath.

On the 25th of December 2022, the 10th-anniversary festivities will feature back-to-back live events with the elite set of RJs. From 11 am until 11 pm, listeners may enjoy nonstop music and live performances.

Back-to-back shows on Mera FM 107.4!

From 11 am presenter Aisha Malik will kick off the anniversary celebrations, followed by our favorite Ambreen Hala in the afternoon till 3 pm. Listeners may also enjoy Sulmeen Ansari and Sahar Aman, as well as the refreshing breeze from the Islamabad station, later in the evening. The broadcast will thereafter be entertained by Adeel Azhar and Sahir Lodhi from 5pm till 7 pm. And to dive into a later celebratory mode, Imran Hassan and Sana Humayun will take the listeners on a musical journey till 11 pm!

To show our appreciation to our devoted listeners across all platforms, this 12-hour marathon includes fun gift baskets and giveaways. Additionally, these campaigns will run concurrently on the online platform of Mera FM 107.4.

Quaid-e-Azam’s Birthday

This isn’t all; it’s also the birthday of the nation’s founder, Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. On an hourly basis, Mera FM 107.4 will broadcast Muhammad Ali Jinnah’s biography and his untiring efforts for Pakistan.

On the segment Happy 10th to Mera FM there will be greeting messages from celebrities, presenters, and listeners. Everyone will take part and express their joy.

Memories Last Forever

Last but not least, a trip down memory lane makes any celebration complete. The song Memories Last Forever gives listeners a glimpse of earlier Radio Network celebrations.

Tune into MERA FM 107.4 and visit our social platforms for entering the contest!

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Friday Flix Series of the Week: 1899

1899, a slow agonising sci-fi death

Jantje Friese and Baran bo Odar may not be huge names, but they are arguably two of streaming’s most influential figures. Their sci-fi series Dark was Netflix’s first German-language original and was a worldwide success. It paved the way for Squid Game, Lupin, All Of Us Are Dead, and a more global approach to programming.

The Dark team returns two years after the conclusion of their time-traveling, parallel universe-incorporating conspiracy drama.

1899 cast

The 1899 cast includes Emily Beecham, Aneurin Barnard, Anton Lesser, Andreas Pietschmann, and Fflyn Edwards as the lead.

The supporting cast includes Miguel Bernardeau, José Pimentão, Isabella Wei, Yann Gael, Mathilde Ollivier, Jonas Bloquet, Rosalie Craig. Since the 1899 cast is also extended as DARK, the other cast members include Maciej Musia?, Clara Rosager, Lucas Lynggaard Tønnesen, Maria Erwolter, Alexandre Willaume, Tino Mewes, and, Isaak Dentler.

Too much mystery!

Their new 1899 series is another horror-mystery puzzle box with a sci-fi twist. The setting in this case is a grand steamship crossing the Atlantic, where class segments was present. The year is 1899, 13 years before the Titanic collides with an iceberg, but the parallels are striking and sensing death.

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To make matters worse, a ship on the same journey disappeared without a trace four months earlier. That ship, the Prometheus sends out a distress signal, which is picked up by the Kerbaros mid-flight. And it is decided that the hell dog ship and the eternally tormented titan ship should finally meet.

A slow death of 1899

A diverse international crew crews the Kerbaros. Moreover, the series is performed in French, English, Cantonese, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, Danish, and German.

Maura Franklin (Emily Beecham), a doctor with a mysterious past, is at the centre of the rabble, while Ramiro (José Pimento), a Spanish priest also fleeing a mysterious past, provides the moral compass. Eyk Larsen (Andreas Pietschmann), the ship’s captain, is haunted by visions of his own, you guessed it, mysterious past.

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A lot of ideas are thrown at the wall in 1899. There’s time and space travel, secret portals, creepy children, and more. However, the pacing is ultimately more perplexing than the science fiction.

The mix up of languages (also still slow)

Each actor exudes a natural stage presence. Despite the fact that a variety of languages are spoken, most of the dialogue appears to be filling time between sci-fi plot machinations.

The plot twists can’t compensate for how oppressively dour everything is when the tone is repeatedly played from such a limited selection of notes.

Little to no insight!

The episodes were frequently excruciating. By the halfway point, where there are such long pauses between dialogues that I had to increase the speed to 1.25x, this becomes mildly amusing. The victims offer little to no insight into events other than puzzled expressions and my constant chant of “this doesn’t make any sense.”

Final Verdict

If Dark is any indication, it’s worth hoping that the series’ conclusion will be its pinnacle. However, given the six hours of required viewing prior to the final act, the adventures of the Kerbaros are unlikely to pique the interest of global audience in the same way that Friese and bo Odar’s maiden voyage did.

Watch the trailer here,

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